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Governor Christie’s Plans for Liberty State Park Unveiled

The Future of Liberty State Park calls for, among other things, a low-rise hotel along the water’s edge of this 1200 acre park opposite Ellis Island.


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Online Primary Sources: The Nuremberg Trials

Seventy years ago, the International Military Tribunal opened proceedings against 24 high-ranking military and political Nazis; in addition, dozens more defendants were also brought before the tribunal. The trials lasted from 1945-49 and generated a tremendous number of reports, broken down into three series: The Blue Series is composed of the official proceedings (42 volumes) of what most of us refer to as The Nuremberg Trials (1945-46); The Red Series is an eight-volume compilation of documentary evidence against the defendants (1945-46); and The Green Series that is the official abridged version of the twelve trials of almost 200 additional defendants that lasted from 1946-1949 and are considered as part of the Nuremberg Trials. Robert Jackson who was the U.S. representative to the tribunal, issued his own report. Nuremberg Trials, 1945-1949 has more relevant material as well.

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Human Rights Sites

With immigration and human rights becoming front line news, we thought we would provide an updated guide to reliable web sites on these topics. Here goes: Amnesty International; Brookings Institution. Human Rights; CRS Reports on Human Rights; Chatham House. Human Rights; Congressional Hearings on Human Rights; Council on Foreign Relations. The Global Human Rights Regime; European Parliament Think Tank. Human Rights; Human Rights Watch; International Crisis Group. Human Rights; UK Parliament Library. Human Rights; UN Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights; and US Department of State Country Reports on Human Rights.

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World Anti-Doping Agency Report on Russia

The independent commission established by the WADA issued its report lambasting the state-sponsored drug regimes employed by Russian athletes. As this document attests: “The investigation has confirmed the existence of widespread cheating through the use of doping substances and methods to ensure, or enhance the likelihood of, victory for athletes and teams. The cheating was done by the athletes’ entourages, officials and the athletes themselves.”(10)

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Transcripts of New Jersey Legislature Public Hearings

Did you ever wonder about these public hearings? What was actually said? Who was there? And can you find these hearings that merit only a brief mention in the news media but can have a major affect on your life in the Garden State? Transcripts of public hearings are available for your perusal. They are broken down by committee and not only provide a verbatim accounting of the hearing, but supporting documentation that was presented is also included. Hearings back to 1996 are also accessible.



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Reduced Snowmelt Will Affect Drinking Water Supply For Two Billion People

Examining dozens of basins in the northern hemisphere that depend on snowmelt for water supplies, the authors of this article – The potential for snow to supply human water demand in the present and future – conclude that: “… that should greenhouse gas emissions continue along their recent trajectory… the risks of declines in snow resource potential exceed 67% in snow-sensitive basins, potentially impacting spring and summer water availability for nearly 2 billion people.” Among those areas to be adversely affected would be northern and central California and the Colorado basin area.

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Who Are The Wealthiest In Congress?

It appears that this listing of all of Congress from Roll Call, starting with the richest and working on down, contains 192 millionaires based on net worth. Each profile comes with assets and liabilities; many also include notes as to the deficiencies of the financial reporting requirements governing Congress, leading most members to appear less privileged than they really are. Previous lists are also available. Another perspective, this one having even more Congressional millionaires (due to different number-crunching) is: Personal wealth: a nation of extremes, and a Congress, too from the Center for Responsive Politics.

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