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Institute for the Study of Diplomacy

Founded in 1978 at the Walsh School of Foreign Service, the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy focuses on the ever-changing challenges of the diplomatic field. Of interest is its publications page where various books, reports, and briefing papers are freely available; they range from the edited volume titled Diplomacy, Development and Security in the Information Age to a working paper on Sailing Against the Current – China-U.S. Relations in the Next Stage.

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Welcome to the 2014/15 Academic Year!

We at the Library extend best wishes and felicitations to both new and returning students. Please remember that we are here to help you, no matter what your information needs. The regular hours for the Library look like this: Monday-Thursday 7:30am – 10pm; Friday 7:30am – 5pm; Saturday 9am – 5pm; Sunday 11am – 5pm . Changes to the schedule are here.

Here are some handy NJCU sites for you. When you need to contact a department or faculty member, use the university’s online campus directories. To purchase textbooks for your courses and to see if there are used cheaper copies or a rental option, access the bookstore. If you need to consult master course lists or catalogs, you may come to the Library or peruse the latest versions here. And let us not forget the Office of Campus Life. Since parking is at such a premiun around here, familiarize yourself with the parking rules and regulations. For those taking mass transportation, check this NJ Transit site. Cafeteria hours, menus, specials, etc are available at this Gourment Dining site. All students should read the NJCU Student Handbook – the Gothic Guide(2010 draft)  – and be familiar with NJCU’s Academic Integrity Policy, Copyright Policy and Related Guidelines, and its Responsible Use of Computing Resources; other student policies should also be consulted. Also, please peruse the award-winning Gothic Magazine, read The Gothic Times (your student newspaper) and keep up with the Gothic Knights sports teams at this official and informative site. Learn about NJCU through this informative historical timeline and visit the accolade-laden Jersey City Past and Present. Make the most of your time here

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2015 Federal Court Procedures Online

The following titles that apply to federal courts are now freely accessible online: 2015 Federal Rules of Evidence, 2015 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, and 2015 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Each volume contains crosslinks to rules within the other rules books as well as to relevant sections of the U.S. Code.

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The Writings of Florence Nightingale

While there does now exist a 16-volume compilation of Nightingale’s writings, this worthy project is not freely accessible online. To remedy that situation, the following sites should be consulted for some of her writings that are available online: many of her publications are listed and linked here at the Online Books Page; she was a prolific letter writer and several sites are repositories – Florence Nightingale Letters at the University of British Columbia, Florence Nightingale Letters Collection at the University of Illinois at Chicago, A Selection of Letters Written by Florence Nightingale at the University of Kansas, and the Digitising Nightingale site from the Florence Nightingale Museum that came online in 2014 and contains over 1900 letters. All of these sites feature transcriptions of the letters for easier reading.

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Final Report on Phoenix VA Health Care System Lapses

The document – Review of Alleged Patient Deaths, Patient Wait Times, and Scheduling Practices at the Phoenix VA Health Care System – by the VA Office of Inspector General reveals that “The patient experiences described in this report revealed that access barriers adversely affected the quality of primary and specialty care at the PVAHCS.” (6) Cases are examined and recommendations are made.



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A Brief Interview with President Henderson

President Henderson recently met with the editorial board of the Jersey Journal. Here is the result.

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Governor Christie Names Nine Members of Pension Panel

Governor Christie has appointed nine individuals to his pension review panel. What is of interest in that two of the members, Thomas Healey and Carl Hess, co-authored a  2012 Harvard paper entitled Underfunded Public Pensions in the United States:The Size of the Problem, the Obstacles to Reform and the Path Forward that has the following recommendations:

  • Eliminate legislative end runs around the collective bargaining process (i.e., sweeteners). Benefits would be either negotiated or legislated, but not both.
  • Eliminate final-salary plans in favor of final average compensation (FAC), career average or hybrid (e.g., cash balance) designs.
  • Reduce/eliminate postretirement cost-of-living adjustments, or make them subject to affordability (possibly conditioned on funded status).
  • Tighten up eligibility for heavily subsidized benefits, such as disability and early retirement.
  • Tighten up eligibility for overtime hours to reduce opportunities for pension padding.
  • Raise the age of eligibility for full retirement benefits. When early retirement is offered, it should be actuarially fair.
  • Reduce benefit accruals (i.e., use lower percentages of compensation to calculate benefit accruals).
  • Combine pensions with Social Security participation.
  • Raise employee contributions     (Harvard Kennedy School, News and Events)




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