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A Call for a National Plan To Measure Educational Equity

This report from the National Academies – Monitoring Educational Equity – calls for a nationwide system that “…can help convey why disparities arise, identify groups most affected by them, and inform policy and practice measures to improve equity in pre-K through 12th grade education.” (news release) Sixteen indicators are listed, many of which deal with student outcomes. This report traces developments from pre-k through 12 grade in an attempt to find out why the educational system fails so many of its students.

This document mirrors the 2018 UNESCO title – Handbook on Measuring Equity in Education –  that stated “Greater equity and inclusion in education cannot be achieved without increased efforts to collect and analyse data on the most excluded segments of the population.”(11)



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National Security Reports – May 2019 Update

Revealed: The U.S. military’s 36 code-named operations in Africa (Yahoo News); The New Revolution in Military Affairs(Foreign Affairs); The China Challenge (Reuters); Internet Health Report 2019 (Mozilla); Planning for Natural Disaster Debris (EPA); A Conversation With [FBI Director] Christopher Wray (Council on Foreign Relations); Trends in World Military Expenditure, 2018 (SIPRI); Evaluating UK natural hazards: the national risk assessment (UK Parliament Library); Cybersecurity, cybercrime and cybersafety: a quick guide to key internet links (Australia Parliament Library); Beyond the Ballot: How the Kremlin Works to Undermine the U.S. Justice System (CSIS); The BSA Framework for Secure Software (BSA Software Alliance); Securing Edge Devices (Cyber ThreatAlliance); Internet Risk Surface Report (RiskRecon; free registration required); Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2019 (DOD); 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report (Verizon); Doxing and Defacements: Examining the Islamic State’s Hacking Capabilities (CTC Sentinel); Science and Security Resources (AAU); and Proscribed Terrorist Organisations (UK Parliament Library).


Terrorism, Violent Extremism, and the Internet: Free Speech Considerations; Iran Sanctions; Digital Trade and U.S. Trade Policy; Navy Lasers, Railgun, and Gun-Launched Guided Projectile: Background and Issues for Congress; Military Personnel and Extremism: Law, Policy, and Considerations for Congress; The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS); U.S. Airborne Electronic Attack Programs: Background and Issues for Congress; Iran’s Nuclear Program: Status; and Iran’s Foreign and Defense Policies. (all CRS)





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Recent Reports on China

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National Security Reports – April 2019 Update

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The Need to Fund Community Colleges

This report from the Century Foundation – Recommendations for Providing Community Colleges with the Resources They Need – states that “…the lion’s share of the blame lies with policymakers who systematically shortchange community colleges financially, giving two-year institutions the fewest resources to educate those students who tend to have the greatest needs.”

More than 9 million students are enrolled in this country’s 1000+ community colleges, yet many do not progress to four-year institutions, nor do they graduate from the two-year colleges.

The report calls for extensive research into what resources are necessary to provide community colleges with the tools needed to help students succeed. Heavily referenced and replete with charts/tables, this report outlines priorities and steps to achieve adequate support for community colleges.


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National Security Reports – March 2019 Update

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What Women Earned in 2017

This Census Bureau graphic presents median income  for various occupations. Compare the Institute for Women’s Policy Research presentation that also includes income levels for men; the gender pay gap, unfortunately, is still all too real.

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