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President Trump’s National Security Strategy

Here is the full-text of that document. Please compare it to previous strategies. Some analyses can be found at: Council on Foreign Relations; CATO Institute; NPR; CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies); Heritage Foundation; and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

What is disheartening to me is the absence of climate change as a threat to security. Peruse the 2015 strategy that devotes an entire section to this challenge.


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National Security Reports – November 2017 Update

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Cybersecurity Resources

CRS has issued a substantially revised version of its report  Cybersecurity: Legislation, Hearings, and Executive Branch Documents; it is current through November 9, 2017. If you need updated information on this ever-growing field, this document should be of great assistance for tracking government publications. The HTML version is replete with active links.


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National Security Reports – October 2017 Update

Cybersecurity, Encryption and United States National Security Matters (Hearing, Senate Armed Services Committee, 2016 – published 2017); Dark WebArms Sales in the Middle East: Trends and Analytical Perspectives for U.S. Policy, U.S. Periods of War and Dates of Recent Conflicts, Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2017 (all CRS); Countering the Islamic Insurgency (Joint Special Operations University); Authorization for Use of Military Force and Current Terrorist Threats (Hearing, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, July 25, 2017); Authorization for Use of Military Force (Hearing, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, October 30, 2017; C-SPAN); and Beyond the Caliphate Project (Center for Combating Terrorism)




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Just What Is Domestic Terrorism?

Are hate crimes domestic terrorism? Is what happened in Las Vegas an example of domestic terrorism? This NPR piece delves into this questions and shows why such a label can be dangerous. Two CRS reports add further fuel for thought: Sifting Domestic Terrorism from Hate Crime and Homegrown Violent Extremism gives definitions from security organizations as well as examples of what is and what is not domestic terrorism; while Domestic Terrorism: An Overview posits ‘”Two basic questions are key to understanding domestic terrorism. First, what exactly constitutes “domestic terrorism?” Answering this question is more complicated than it may appear. Some consider all terrorist plots occurring within the homeland as acts of domestic terrorism. According to this perspective, a bombing plot involving U.S. citizens motivated by a foreign terrorist group such as Al Qaeda or the Islamic State constitutes domestic terrorism. While this conceptualization may be true at some level, a practical definition of domestic terrorism distilled from federal sources is much narrower.”‘ (2-3) This is an important report with hundreds of references trying to sift through the ambiguities and pitfalls of what actually constitutes “domestic terrorism”, and how we enumerate its occurrences.

Another resource containing more apposite information and data is the Domestic (U.S.) Terrorism site from the Homeland Security Digital Library.


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National Security Reports – September 2017 Update

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Teens Growing Up More Slowly Than Their Parents Did

That is the main conclusion from this study – The Decline in Adult Activities Among U.S. Adolescents, 1976–2016 from the journal Child Development. Using seven time-lag surveys, the researchers found that “In recent years, fewer adolescents engaged in activities rarely performed by children and often performed by adults, such as working, driving, going out, dating, having sex, and drinking alcohol….” There are significant declines in these adult behaviors, especially beginning with 2000. Tables, figures, and references round out this important report.

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