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College Prices in 2010

Trends in College Pricing 2010 from the College Board is replete with graphs, charts, and statistics highlighting the ever-increasing costs of going to college. Various comparisons: geographic, private vs public, profit vs nonprofit, institutional type, etc. are included. A telling statistic that comes as no surprise – New Jersey ranks among the lowest states in providing “state tax appropriations for higher education per $1000 in personal income.”(p.19)


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Violence, Vandalism, and Substance Abuse in New Jersey Schools

This annual report – Commissioner’s Annual Report…on Violence, Vandalism and Substance Abuse in New Jersey Public Schools – reveals that in comparison to the 2007/2008 reporting period, the year 2008/2009 saw a decline in violence, vandalism, and weapons incidents of 5%, 3%, and 15% respectively. The only upward trending indicator was substance abuse which rose 6%. School district information back to the 2005/2006 report is available here. News reports are found at:  The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Bergen Record, The Star-Ledger,  and The Press of Atlantic City.

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The Coming Diabetes Epidemic

An epidemic is defined as ” affecting or tending to affect an atypically large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time.”(Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary) According to the latest figures, more than 10% of the American adult population have diabetes( see here for the prevalence of diabetes in New Jersey counties; other states rates are here); by 2050, that number will climb to a projected high-end figure of 33%. This chilling future scenario is detailed in this article from Population Health Metrics, “Projection of the year 2050 burden of diabetes in the U.S. adult population….” The authors state that: ” Our estimates of diabetes prevalence paint a sobering picture of the future growth of diabetes.”(p.10) They go on to cite many reasons for the projected growth of diabetes; i.e., lower mortality rates for those who have diabetes, an aging population that is more susceptible to developing diabetes, and the fact that some minority populations have a higher incidence of diabetes than non-Hispanic whites. Reliable information on this disease can be found at: MedlinePlus, the CDC, PubMed Central (where you will find such fine articles as Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes-2009), and Evidence-based Practice Centers (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, HHS).

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Online State Encyclopedias – West Virginia

We have listed in previous posts other online state encyclopedias, most published under NEH seed grants. This addition examines the Mountain State through hyperlinked articles, key dates/timelines, sidebars, and illustrations. Books on West Virginia can be found at this separate site. This is the 17th entry into our fold of online state encyclopedias.

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Where Do I Vote In New Jersey?

Use this poll place search to find where you should vote.

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Midterm Elections 2010: National and New Jersey

 These midterm elections, so called because they occur halfway through a sitting president’s term, are being closely watched. Will the Tea Party have an impact? Is this election a referendum on President Obama’s policies? Will Republicans start to take back Congress? News and analysis can be found at: CNN‘s Election Center, Politico 2010, NPR‘s Election 2010, Campaign 2010 from USA Today, 2010 Midterm Elections from the New York Times, Election 2010 from the Christian Science Monitor, and C-SPAN‘s Campaign 2010. Two excellent websites to keep track of Congress are OpenCongress and GovTrack. On the local level, please consult Election 2010 from and the Elections page from Also, check out NJ Division of Elections, Election Law Enforcement Commission, and the Campaign Finance Database.

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The Future of Nursing

The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health is the title of a recently-released 600 page study from the National Academy of Sciences; it is the result of a collaborative study between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Princeton, NJ) and the Institute of Medicine (Washington, DC). On p.xi of the preface, this study discusses the roles of nurses as providers of healthcare under the new stipulations established by recent legislation. It details how nurses, as the primary care providers, have a major role to play in this country’s developing healthcare system. Part 2 of this report is called “A Fundamental Transformation of the Nursing Profession.” Summaries of the workshops that helped produce the report can also be accessed. We have looked at the nursing shortage in a previous entry.

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