Say Goodby to U.S. Coastal Cities

If global warming continues as it does, this report – Carbon choices determine US cities committed to futures below sea level – published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, indicates that over 1100 coastal communities from Boston to Miami will face some kind of permanent flooding within the next few decades; in some cases, whole cities will have to be abandoned, among them New Orleans. The lists of threatened major cities are provided in tables (53- 56) accompanying this report. State scenarios (tables 57+) are also included; see how many people in New Jersey could be adversely affected. Depending on the conditions, well over one million people in the Garden State could be permanently displaced by 2100.

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Visualizations of Mass Shootings in the United States

Sometimes numbers are just data points, easily ignored; however, well-constructed graphs and charts can bring a poignancy to an argument more readily. Such is the impact of The toll: Mass shooting data visualizations around the web detailing the level of violence in this country due to firearms. One grim statistic out of many: between 1775 and 2015, almost 1.4 million Americans were killed in wars; in just the years between 1968 and 2015, over 1.5 million Americans were killed by firearms.

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How Much Are the Presidential Candidates Worth?

A heck of a lot. Politico has examined the candidates’ mandatory filings with the Federal Election Commission and prepared an eye-opening exhibit that shows that the race is really among the “one percenters”. Even those politicians with negative numbers have amassed millions in other ways. Of course, Trump leads the way with over a billion dollars; the others, though, are not pikers either. The Money Behind the Elections takes a look at previous presidential campaigns through the lens of money.

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Outline of NASA’s Mars Strategies Released

Entitled NASA’s Journey to Mars: Pioneering Next Steps in Space Exploration, this 36-page document outlines both the challenges and solutions to a manned mission to the Red Planet. As it states: “There are challenges to pioneering Mars, but we know they are solvable. We are developing the capabilities necessary to get there, land there, and live there.”(2) It is worth the read.

For those interested in the depiction of Mars through the years in science fiction, please come here.

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Jersey City Public School District Edges Closer to Full Autonomy from the State

The State Board of Education yesterday announced in a press release that control of operations and personnel has been handed back to local hands. In 1989, Jersey City became the first school district taken over by the state after this ruling that listed, iter alia, the state charges: “State officials charge the Jersey City school district with a recurring pattern of gross deficiencies in the areas of governance and management, educational programs and fiscal practices. Allegedly these problems have produced dire consequences which the State contends have brought the district to the brink of “managerial bankruptcy.”(2) Additional information can be found at: PolitickerNJ; NJ Today;  News 12 New Jersey;  Education Week (with links covering events back to 1988); NJ.comNJTV; and NJ Spotlight. The state still retains control over instructional programs, the last of the five components of the takeover; Mayor Fulop (read his statement here) hopes to have that last piece back locally by Spring 2016.


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EdTech Reports – September 2015

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2015 U.S. New & World Report Best Colleges Rankings

The various lists are here. Find out where your own school ranks. Here is NJCU’s profile as well as all the New Jersey colleges on the list.

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