2014/15 AAUP Faculty Survey

The latest iteration of this annual report – Busting the Myths: The Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession, 2014-15 – provides a look at the profession over the past year: “The analysis that follows—by demonstrating just how drastic state budget cuts have been, how much full-time tenure-track positions have dwindled, and how little faculty salaries and benefits influence college and university general budgets—addresses common misperceptions about higher education.” Tables detailing current salaries at many higher education institutions are added as appendices; NJCU is NOT represented.

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Photos of Groundbreaking for NJCU School of Business

For those who could not attend, here are more than two dozen photos of the ceremony.

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Governor Christie’s Platform for Reforming Social Security and Other Programs

This three-page factsheet outlines the Governor’s proposed revamping of the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and disability insurance programs. Actions range from needs-base assessment to raising the retirement age for full Social Security benefits. A transcript and audio of his New Hampshire speech where he outlined his proposals is online. Highlights of the speech are also available from NJ Spotlight; this site also hosts the Christie Page – its motto: All Christie All The Time.

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Today in History: The Assassination of President Abraham Lincolnh

While attending a performance of Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth (fragments of his diary). With the bullet lodged in his brain, the President was taken across the street to a boarding house; he lingered throughout the night and died at 7:22am on April 15 prompting Edward Stanton, the Secretary of War, to intone “Now he belongs to the ages.” Newspapers obviously reported on this tragic event; here is the  initial report The New York Times. Other relevant articles from this paper should also be reviewed. Jersey City, then as now, was a major transportation hub and Lincoln’s funeral train stopped here:

At four o’clock, on the morning of the 24th of April; the funeral train took its departure for New York. Marching in solemn state through the crowds of people, which seemed to line the track all along the route, it reached Jersey City, opposite New York, and passed into the spacious depot, which had been clad in mourning, to the music of a funeral dirge, executed by a choir of seventy singers, and under the roar of heavy and loud artillery. The coffin was lifted from the car and borne on the shoulders of ten stalwart veterans, followed by a procession of conspicuous officials, marching to the music of ” Rest in the Grave,” sung by the choral societies, to the hearse prepared for its reception. (Henry Raymond, The life and public services of Abraham Lincoln, 1865. p.708)

Contemporary sources concerning subsequent events; i.e., the hunt for Booth, the trial of the conspirators, and the final verdicts are all online. Additional sources – tributes, memorial, recollections –  are here. Foreign governments’ condolences are also available online.

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“History as a Book Discipline”

This is the theme of the April 2015 of Perspectives in History. Among other items four historians discuss: is digital publishing making books obsolete, and the difference between a book and a dissertation. Well worth the read. Some articles (here and here) by Robert Darnton are also recommended.

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The Future of Nursing

Core competencies and data management/utilization are among the major topics discussed in this 2015 NAP report – Future Directions of Credentialing Research in Nursing. Exploring the various strategies needed to equip an ever-expanding workforce as it embraces new technologies and responsibilities, this workshop summary provides a framework for discussion. This report owes its genesis to the groundbreaking 2011 study – The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health published under the auspices of the IOM and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; key recommendations are available. Since that time Charting Nursing’s Future has produced a series of policy briefs that address pertinent questions and concerns about the role of nurses in the provision of health care. The American Nurses Association has an apposite section on workforce advocacy that directly supports the conclusions advanced in the above publications.

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How Much Does Each NJ School District Spend On Its Students?

You can find that out by utilizing the 2015 version of the Taxpayers Guide to Education. Data are arranged by various indicators, by school district, and by group; charter schools are listed by their name as if they were separate districts. State averages and median costs are also available for consultation. Comparisons to the previous year are given in the current reports; reports back to 1999 are here. For the Jersey City school district (excluding charters), the budget for the 2013/14 year was $678M, down slightly from the previous year’s figure of $680M; per pupil support rose to $23,435 from $23,273 over the same time span. The number of pupils declined.

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