Norman Mailer’s Relationship With Books

I would have to say it was quite stormy, and possibly not quite what you would think of such an important author.


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Immigration/Refugees Data and Policies

Below are major sources of information on the topics of immigration and how the refugee crises are being handled.

Amnesty International 2016/17 Annual Report.

CRS Reports. (The Congressional Research Service is the publicly supported research arm of the Library of Congress. Come here to find hundreds of reports on immigration policy. Read its 2017 A Primer on U.S Immigration Policy with great links.)

Country Studies (Library of Congress. provides background context of 80 different countries.)

EU Immigration Portal

European Migration Institute (EU)

Human Rights Reports (US State Department. An annual report on human rights abuses.)

Human Rights Watch. 2018 Report.

Immigration Topic (from NPR)

International Crisis Group

International Migration Outlook (from OECD)

Migration Policy Institute.( Considered one of the top U.S. think tanks, this site produces well-received documents and research reports. Look at its International Migration Statistics.)

Refugee Law and Policy. (Very informative site from the Law Library of Congress. Various countries examined.)

Yearbook of Immigration Statistics (from the Department of Homeland Security)



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Online Primary Sources: The Down Survey of Ireland

The wars that tore apart Ireland in the mid-1600s and resulted in the deaths of twenty percent of the population had other repercussions as well. In order to reward his soldiers and to settle some previous debts, Oliver Cromwell awarded land to his followers. However, in order to give the land away, the government needed to know what land there was. So a massive survey was undertaken to delineate the lands in Ireland – the first time such a large-scale survey had been attempted. This became known as the Down Survey of Ireland.

This website allows some granular investigations, and it is amazing at the data that can be retrieved. For instance, one can track the forfeiture of land from a Catholic landowner in 1641 to a Protestant one in 1670, mirroring the shift in land ownership throughout the country as the English forced the Catholic population into forfeiture and registered the lands under Protestant hegemony. And the process, initiated by Cromwell was furthered by his successor Charles II.

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Online Primary Sources: The 1641 Irish Uprising

As those acquainted with Irish history will attest, the Easter Rising was the culmination of a centuries-long struggle to rid Ireland of its English oppressors. One such episode was the 1641 Irish Uprising that morphed into the eleven-year long Confederate War that was ultimately won by Oliver Cromwell.

It is not my intention to re-create this tumultuous time, but rather to act as a guide to some of the rich primary source material available. A remarkable treasure trove of information is contained in the 1641 Depositions containing 8000 eyewitness accounts of the turmoil. As described, “The 1641 Depositions (Trinity College Dublin, MSS 809-841) are witness testimonies mainly by Protestants, but also by some Catholics, from all social backgrounds, concerning their experiences of the 1641 Irish rebellion. The testimonies document the loss of goods, military activity, and the alleged crimes committed by the Irish insurgents, including assault, stripping, imprisonment and murder.” There are multiple access points, including searching by county, religion, nationality, age range, or “person type”. Free registration is required for this most unique resource.

Other sources include:

British History Online (hundreds of works from royal decrees, Commonwealth writings, parliamentary reports, diplomatic dispatches);

Calendar of the state papers relating to Ireland preserved in the Public Record Office. 1625-[1670] (8 vols, 1900-10);

A contemporary history of affairs in Ireland, from 1641 to 1652 (3 vols in 6, 1879-80. Numerous primary sources);

Early English Books Online (hundreds of full text works including reports, letters, addresses, all dated between 1640 and 1660);

History of the Irish Confederation and the war in Ireland, 1641 [-1649] containing a narrative of affairs of Ireland…. (7 vols, 1882-91. Numerous primary sources herein);

Ireland in the seventeenth century; or, The Irish massacres of 1641-2, their causes and results. Illustrated by extracts from the unpublished state papers…(2 vols, 1884);

The manuscripts of the Marquis of Ormonde, preserved at the castle, Kilkenny (2 vols, Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, 1895-99. Contains valuable papers and letters).

A word of caution. As with any conflict, especially those involving religious beliefs, the testimonies tend to be polemical at best. Also, be aware of the sources – are they themselves biased in one direction or another? For those who want a dispassionate explanation of these times of trouble, I direct you to the links first identified in this entry.




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2018 Hudson County Health Rankings

Find out in this 2018 edition just where Hudson County ranks as far as health indicators are concerned. Also, every other county’s health statistics are also available here along with state rankings. It is recommended that the key findings report be perused.

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What Some TV and Cable Actors Are Earning

Wowsers! Some of us are in the wrong business!

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“Gun Violence Research” Archives from the “American Journal of Public Health” Now Freely Available

This extensive selection of articles, editorial, and additional important links has been opened by The American Journal of Public Health. The writings make for a sobering read and are a very valuable contribution to the current conversation.

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