Mueller Grand Jury Indicts Russian Nationals

The indictment details their interference with the U.S. political system dating back to 2014 and explicitly states that they did indeed support then candidate Trump while issuing disparagements about candidate Clinton.(see page 4)


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Student Financial Aid Statistics

This impressively titled NCES report – 2015–16 National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS:16): Student Financial Aid Estimates for 2015–16  – presents national aggregations along various indices. Among the measurements are: type of aid, level of income, type of college (profit and non-profit included), and undergraduate and graduate recipients. A very useful adjunct to this report is the College Board’s Trends in Student Aid 2017.

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Jersey City Is Again Named the Country’s Most Ethnically Diverse City

According to WalletHub, Jersey City has regained its position as the most diverse city in the country. Using information from the Census Bureau (and available to everyone for free, here are the basic facts about Jersey City), the folks at WalletHub crunched the numbers using their methodologies to arrive at their conclusions.

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Vintage Valentine Day Cards

From the Smithsonian Institution comes this collection of Valentine Day cards and images from handmade to commercially produced. Some are simply done while others are very elaborate in their fabrication; many pre-date 1900. Hundreds of comic valentines are available from Pennsylvania State University; additional collections are at the Library of Birmingham, the Museum of London, New York Public Library, and the Library of Congress.

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President Trump’s 2019 Budget and Related Documents

You can read them all here; past budgets can also be accessed at this site.

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Watch Immigration Debates Live

You can come to C-SPAN to watch either live or in its archival video library.

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Abraham Lincoln – Additional Primary Sources

We have quite rightly highlighted primary/secondary sources on whom some consider the finest of our presidents. (He ranks #1 in the C-SPAN Historians Survey of Presidents 2017, a position he has held in the previous iterations of this poll.) We have come across other collections at Brown University that we would like to recommend: “Brown’s Lincoln Broadsides collection comprises an assortment of printed materials intended for broad public distribution in a variety of formats. Within this digital collection you will find, for example: handbills (a single sheet of text intended for wide public distribution), leaftlets (a handbill folded to create multiple leaves), small pamphlets (unbound booklets, typically stapled or sewn), souvenir cards, circulars, broadsheets, brochures.”;

Lincoln Envelopes –  “This collection contains embellished envelopes created during the period surrounding Lincoln’s presidency and the time immediately after his assassination. Many of the envelopes depict Lincoln himself….”;

Lincoln Graphics “…include most of the known photographic images of Lincoln, along with engravings and popular prints by, among other firms, Currier & Ives and Kurz & Allen.”;

Lincoln Manuscripts –  “The Hay Library’s famed collection of manuscripts authored or signed by Lincoln, now comprises nearly 1,100 pieces.”; and

Lincoln Sheet Music “… comprises sheet music from the McLellan Lincoln Collection at the Hay Library written between 1859 and 1923. Music about Lincoln ranges from popular song to compositions for orchestral performance.”

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