Fastest Growing Private Companies in New Jersey

This list is courtesy of Inc. Click on the company name for more information. Previous years can be accessed from this site as well.

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GAO Report on Obsolete Computer Systems at the Pentagon

If this doesn’t keep you awake at night nothing will. This GAO report – Federal Agencies Need to Address Aging Legacy Systems – notes that the Pentagon spends up to $60 billion maintaining old computer systems/networks that in some cases still use floppies. In addition, the systems are fifty years old. But it is not just the Pentagon’s IT infrastructure that is deficient – practically every major federal department has similar issues; some of them have systems older than the Pentagon’s. This highlight from the report provides an excellent summary of the findings. Here is analyses from Ars Technica, PC World

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Text of State Department OIG Report on Hillary Clinton’s Use of a Private Email Server

The entire report is available online. Reportage can be found at The New York Times, Politico, and The Washington Post.

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More 18-34 Year Olds Live at Home Than Ever Before

This Pew study highlights the shifting demographic impacts of student debt, low wages, and housing unaffordability on the plans of millennials. In 1960, 62% of 18-34 year olds were living with a spouse/partner in their own household; now that percentage has been halved to 31.2%. And over 32% of this age group now resides at home, further putting off relationships and home ownership. See also Millennials after the Great Recession (Monthly Labor Review, September 2014), and The Economic Plight of Millennials (EconSouth, 16#1, 2014).

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2016 New Jersey Memorial Day Observances

Here is a list arranged by county; where available, websites have been added for the event.

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New “Nation’s Report Card” on Use of Technology

The NCES has released its findings of the 2014 The Nation’s Report Card: Technology and Engineering Literacy, the first time educational use of technology has been assessed. This also marks the first time that an NAEP test has been given totally in a digital format. Thousands of eighth-graders took this survey, and a surprising outcome, given the STEM components of the measure, was that girls scored higher than boys. Online results are available that include some of the same disturbing trends indicated on other assessments – the racial divide and the disparities among city, suburban, and rural school districts. T.H.E. Journal,Education Week, and NPR provide cogent analyses.

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Online State Encyclopedias: Colorado

The Colorado Encyclopedia, although it is in “prototype” development, has enough information to provide a reader with a multitude of topics. Broadly arranged by people, places, events, and things, this site contains articles that include internal links, bibliographies, and outside sites of relevance. For instance, the article on Kit Carson is headed by the last photo of him and then proceeds to offer a reasoned biography of the man along with internal links to other articles in the encyclopedia and outside readings. Well worth a perusal.

There are now 23 online state encyclopedias that meet specific criteria for inclusion in this blog.

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