How To Find Civil War Historical Markers and Monuments

There is no comprehensive site that lists every single memorial, but there are certain sites/publications that allow one access to thousands of them:  The Landscape of Civil War Commemoration( provides an interactive map leading to hundreds of sites; The Historical Marker Database can be searched by topic or state; Save Our Sculpture database (Smithsonian) can be searched by keyword or  designated topics; The Civil War: Search for Monuments is an incomplete but growing database from the National Parks Service; and the report from the Southern Poverty Law Center – Whose Heritage? Public Symbols of the Confederacy – is self-explanatory.


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Full Text of Study Highlighting Hostile Workplace Environments

My rule of thumb is that whenever you hear about reports, studies, papers, surveys, etc, always try to get your hands on the original copy. Why trust secondhand sources? The title is Working Conditions in the United States: Results of the 2015 American Working Conditions Survey published by the RAND Corporation. Some of the key findings:

  • The clear majority of Americans (eight out of ten) have steady and predictable work throughout the year, but many fewer work the same number of hours on a day-to-day basis (54 percent).
  • Nearly three-fourths of Americans report either intense or repetitive physical exertion on the job at least one-quarter of the time.
  • More than one-half of Americans report exposure to unpleasant and potentially hazardous working conditions.
  • Nearly one in five American workers are exposed to a hostile or threatening social environment at work.
  • Most Americans (two-thirds) frequently work at high speeds or under tight deadlines, and one in four perceives that they have too little time to do their job


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“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

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Jersey City’s Past, Present and Future Skyscrapers

This very informative article from reviews the current state of the city’s tallest buildings along with future plans and a throwback to when skyscrapers in Jersey City towered up to eight stories; the article is replete with photos. Please visit the Jersey City Skyscraper Map for an interactive look at this building boom. This article – The best views from Jersey City’s 8 new skyscrapers– acts a colorful supplement.

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Glen Campbell’s Twenty Essential Songs

As compiled by Rolling Stone (with accompanying performance videos). For those not familiar with his music, these selections will show you how influential and important he was. Not a bad one in the bunch.

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Climate Change Is Already Affecting Us

The Climate Science Special Report (CSSR) states that “Evidence for a changing climate abound, from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans. Thousands of studies by tens of thousands of scientists around the world have documented changes….Many lines of evidence demonstrate that human activities…are primarily responsible for recent observed climate changes.”(11) Past, present and future impacts on the United States and the world are found on pp.13-14.

This version of the document is its third draft; the fifth draft, fundamentally unchanged from its predecessor, is at the White House, waiting approval for release. A review of this report was undertaken by the National Academies of Sciences that found “The Committee agrees that the draft CSSR is largely accurate and generally represents the breadth of available literature pertaining to the state of the science at the time of writing, with the exception of some specific topic areas detailed in this report.”(5) The CSSR is part of the fourth iteration of the National Climate Assessment, a Congressionally mandated review of climate due out every four years, the next to be delivered in late 2018.

In a related development, The Guardian has just published a series of emails detailing how the term “weather extremes” is to be used rather than “climate change” within parts of the Department of Agriculture. Other euphemisms are also indicated. This follows a similar pattern at the EPA.

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NJCU in the News – August 7, 2017

There have been two mentions of NJCU in the news over the last couple of days. One involves NJCU housing a permanent exhibition highlighting the life and career of Mayor Glenn Cunningham; the other talks about leasing retail space at the West Campus location (it includes a restaurant!).

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