Three Essential Guides to 2021 Football Season

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9/11 Interviews

The 9/11 Commission (the preceding link provides access to the main report and public hearings) conducted over 1200 interviews, what it called Memoranda for the Record. While many of them are still classified, some of these are available online. They make for sobering reading.

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NJCU Ranked in Forbes’ “2021 America’s Top Colleges”

NJCU appears in this list that is based on a new methodology incorporating net price, low-income student outcomes, graduate earnings, and student debt. One can filter the results by name, state, type, grant aid, debt, and early career salary.

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9/11 20 Years Later

Here are some pertinent sites:

Two Decades Later, the Enduring Legacy of 9/11 (Pew Research Center);

September 11: An Evolving Legacy (Smithsonian);

9/11, 20 Years Later: 17 Essential Documentaries to Watch (PBS);

9/11 at 20 (Brennan Center);

DHS @ 20: Navigating a Changing Security Environment (New American Foundation);

Twenty Years Later: We Remember and Honor Those Who Responded (FEMA);

How Has the Terrorism Threat Changed Twenty Years After 9/11? (Council on Foreign Relations);

Twenty Years After 9/11, Are We Any Smarter? (New Republic);

The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks: 20 Years Later (Naval History and Heritage Command); and

20 Years Later: NIST’s World Trade Center Investigation and Its Legacy (in the days following 9/11, NIST was tasked by Congress to investigate the technicalities of the towers’ collapses. This site preserves all its reports, meetings, photos, videos, and news archives).

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National Academies Press Publications on Floods and Emergencies

In light of the recent devastating floods both in the Southeast and Northeast, perusing these collections is a worthwhile endeavor: Flood Resilience: Preparedness and Recovery Collection and Emergency Preparedness / Disaster Management Collection.

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Recent Scholarly Volumes on Romanticism

The Romantic Circle Praxis Series consists of peer-reviewed volumes of essays devoted to a single topic/person. A sampling of these volumes includes: The Prose of Romanticism, Circulations: Romanticism and the Black Atlantic, and Romanticism and Buddhism. A volume on one of my favorite authors – William Blake – is accompanied with links to other works of interest as are all the other volumes in this endeavor.

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National Security Reports – August 2021 Update

 Federal Cybersecurity: America’s Data Still at Risk.(Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs); Investing in Transportation Resilience: A Framework for Informed Choices (NAP); Implementing Deterrence by Detection (Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments); Post-Digital Cultures of the Far Right: Online Actions and Offline Consequences in Europe and the US (Transcript Verlag); Russia’s New Authoritarianism: Putin and the Politics of Order (Edinburgh University Press); Using for OSINT Investigations (; Federal Cybersecurity: America’s Data Still At Risk (Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs); Tackling the Climate Crisis (DoD); Disaster & Failure Studies (NIST); Cybersecurity Studies (NIST); and Peace and Security in 2021 (European Parliamentary Research Service).

China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress
(updated August 3, 2021); Renewed Great Power Competition: Implications for Defense—Issues for Congress (updated August 3, 2021); The New START Treaty: Central Limits and Key Provisions; The U.S. Capitol Police: Brief Background; and COVID-19: Potential Implications for International Security Environment—Overview of Issues and Further Reading for Congress (updated August 5, 2021).

Special section: CRS reports on Afghanistan. Includes – U.S. Military Withdrawal and Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan: Frequently Asked Questions; Afghanistan Evacuation: The Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) and the Defense Production Act (DPA); The Collapse of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces: Implications for U.S. Security Assistance and Cooperation; and dozens more.

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More Activity at NJCU’s University Place

There are two articles (here and here) discussing the latest building to open at University Place – RIVET 26.

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The Most Translated Books in the World by Country

Setting aside religious texts, this feature allows you to scan by country the most translated books. The winner? France – with The Little Prince translated into more than 382 languages. Here are the various sources used to compile this list.

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What is ISIS-K?

It is a formidable terrorist group, an affiliate of ISIS; the “K” designation denotes the province – Khorasan – that is its stronghold. This 2018 backgrounder from CSIS should be consulted for its depth and breadth. As this recent CRS report states: “Still, U.S. officials have cautioned that ISKP remains a threat, and recent attacks attributed to the group indicate the same operational resilience it has demonstrated when pressured in the past.”

Other informative features include: What is ISIS-K? (The Conversation); What We Know About ISIS-K, The Group Behind The Kabul Attacks (NPR); and Afghanistan crisis: Who are IS-K? (BBC).

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Afghanistan Timelines, and Other Reports

From the Council on Foreign Relations, this timeline contains links that lead to additional information; here is another useful timeline from NPR.

The Congressional Research Service has numerous, recent reports, while both the RAND Corporation and the Center for Strategic & International Studies contain relevant documents as well. The International Crisis Group should not be overlooked nor should UK Parliament Library briefings.

The National Security Archive has many briefing books on Afghanistan.

Review presidential remarks, statements, and proclamations on Afghanistan back to 1929 here.

Consult the thousands of documents pertaining to Afghanistan from the Foreign Relations of the United States series here.

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Online Primary Sources: Georgia

The Collections of the Georgia Historical Society (here and here) provide glimpses into Georgia’s past as a colony and a participoant in the Revolutionary War. Letters, travel accounts, biographies are included in these available volumes.

You have easy access to Georgia’s early newspapers as well. And don’t forget to pay a visit to the digital collections at Georgia State University and the Digital Library of Georgia.

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New Jersey’s Population Increases According to 2020 Census Numbers

This initial release of numbers, foreshadowing many future reports, shows that, contrary to what some people have believed about mass emigration from New Jersey, the Garden State actually gained almost 500,000 residents, an increase of 5.7%; other states’ figures reflect either increases or decreases. The most significant increase in population is Texas. These figures will now be used in apportioning the number of representatives each state will have for the next 10 years, as stipulated by the Constitution.

There are many other statistical reports published today; they are all worth a look.

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Who Is Kathy Hochul?

In less than two weeks, the Governor of the State of New York. For those who do not know this Buffalo-based politician, here are some facts about her. The New York Times has a profile of her as does New York Magazine.

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“Code Red for Humanity” As Climate Change Increases

Dire predictions on the rapid acceleration of climate change are detailed in the AR6 Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis from the IPCC. It has gotten so bad that even if measures are immediately instituted to mitigate the carbon emissions, it will take decades before the planet reaches a new equilibrium. We have little time to correct the downward spiral we are now in. The full report, all 4000 pages – is available here. A more manageable summary – 42 pages – is also online.

Reports from The New York Times and The Washington Post provide succinct overviews of the situation.

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2021 World Fantasy Awards Nominees for Short Fiction Online

Here is where you can read them online:

Glass Bottle Dancer

The Women Who Sing for Sklep

The Nine Scents of Sorrow

My Country Is a Ghost

Open House on Haunted Hill

Also, I have found the following nominated novella is available as well:


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National Security Reports – July 2021 Update

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Best Music Videos of All Time

These top 100 videos from The Rolling Stone are sure to engender conversation. Each selection is accompanied by commentary.

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Important Speeches in American History

Voices of Democracy: The U.S. Oratory Project contains numerous speeches by prominent and not-so-prominent speakers throughout American history. Searchable by time period, themes, curriculum units, these addresses run the gamut of expression. Each speech features the full-text, an interpretive essay, suggested resources, and teaching-learning materials. This is a valuable tool worthy of perusal.

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The 2020/21 Best Hospitals in New Jersey

As compiled by U.S. News & World Report utilizing various criteria, here are the top-ranked hospitals in New Jersey. This is a subset of the magazine’s national rankings. One can search by name, geographic location, and specialty.

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