The Best Articles from “American Literature”

While this is not the forum to discuss the merits of the term “best,” suffice it to say that the editors of said journal have culled its extensive archives from 1929 through the late 80s/early90s to produce themed monographs centered primarily around specific authors. Herewith are these texts: On Faulkner: The Best from American Literature (1989); On Frost: The Best from American Literature (1991); On Hawthorne: The Best from American Literature (1990); On Howells: The Best from American Literature (1993); On Humor: The Best from American Literature (1992); On Melville: The Best from American Literature (1988); and  On Poe: The Best from American Literature (1993).



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Interviews with New Jerseyeans Who Are Making a Difference

This isn’t necessarily about politicians, rock stars, or media celebrities, but it is more about those people who really make a difference in others’ lives. NJ Spotlight, among its many features, produces Profiles, a site comprised of interviews with people whose work impacts New Jersey. For example: Gary Szatkowski who is this area’s top meteorologist for the National Weather Service; Megan Gilhool, who started a knitting therapy group in Sandy-ravaged Sea Bright; or Susie Wilson, the original champion of the family life curriculum for New Jersey schools. There are dozens of more worthies to read about.

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Americans’ Use of the Internet Over Time

This new Pew report – Americans’ Internet Access: 2000-2015 – traces Internet adoption across age, class, educational attainment, household income, race/ethnic, and community (rural vs urban) metrics. Each variable is accompanied by charts and data that reinforce the statistical findings. Well worth a perusal.

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Short/Long-term Trends in K-12 Education

What are the near-term trends in the application of edtech to the K-12 sector? What about predictions for the long haul? These topics are explored in the NMC Horizon Report – 2015 K-12 Edition. Trends, challenges, and developments are explored in this report generated from the musings of 56 educational experts. Hundreds of endnotes (unfortunately none with active links) and dozens of active programs (with active links) add to the utility of this report.

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Secretary of State Clinton’s Emails

The first batch of emails, almost 2000 declassified documents, some heavily redacted, has been released by the State Department. At the end of each month, additional electronic missives will be made public. Please come to this Washington Post article  to trace the convoluted history of these messages and legal requirements. There is a statement from her office addressing this situation as well.

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World War I – Declarations of War Among All the Nations

This 1919 State Department publication – Declarations of war. Severances of diplomatic relations, 1914-1918 – contains the full-text (translated where necessary) of all the declarations of war along with their original source attribution. In addition, there are both alphabetical and chronological listings of these pronouncements. A valuable addendum for researchers.

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New Jersey Colleges Take Financial Hits in FY 2016 State Budget

NJCU, as well as our sister institutions, all face reduced support from the State. On page D-290 of the FY 2016 budget, the monies allocated to each state four-year institution are enumerated: NJCU adjusted state support for FY 2015 was $26,056,000; we requested $28,963,000 for FY 2016; and have been recommended to receive $23,598,000. We are not alone in our plight.

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