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Jersey City Is Again Named the Country’s Most Ethnically Diverse City

According to WalletHub, Jersey City has regained its position as the most diverse city in the country. Using information from the Census Bureau (and available to everyone for free, here are the basic facts about Jersey City), the folks at WalletHub crunched the numbers using their methodologies to arrive at their conclusions.


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Inside the General Pencil Company of Jersey City

My writing instrument of choice has always been a pencil; I just like the way it moves across the page as well as its ability to efface my words effortlessly. It also forces me to slow down, to think before I write, to organize my thoughts. The pencil has been used down the years since it was first introduced in the 16th century. Here is a sumptuously photographed article on the General Pencil Company; it has been making pencils for more than 125 years.

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A Brief History, With Pictures, of Loew’s Jersey City

Such a treasure! More information is available here.

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Jersey City Is #2 Among 2017’s Best Halloween Cities

This survey by WalletHub places Jersey City just behind New York City as the best place for trick or treating, further reinforcing Jersey City’s growing stature as a friendly, dynamic, and growing urban center.

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Find Out What Nationalities Live In Your Town

Have you ever wondered from what countries people in your town come. Where I live, it has always been stated that we are like a mini-United Nations with so many different countries represented here. So how to find ancestry groups? It is easy. Just use the

American Factfinder from the Census Bureau

To find what ancestry groups are in your town, please follow these steps:

Choose “Advanced Search” from homepage

Select “Race & Ethnic Groups” link

Choose “Ancestry” link

Input town, county, city, state name in geography box

Your results will be located in the “B04066” grouping, in many cases highlighted by a star.

For example, you’ll find that Jersey City is home to 36 people who claim Cajun ancestry, 2422 who hail from Guyana, 11, 167 who identify as having Irish ancestors, and 12, 840 who have ancestors from Italy.


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Jersey City Scores 100% on “Municipal Equality Index”

“The Municipal Equality Index examines how inclusive municipal laws, policies, and services are of LGBTQ people who live and work there. Cities are rated based on non-discrimination laws, the municipality as an employer, municipal services, law enforcement and the city leadership’s public position on equality.” Forty-four separate criteria are used in this survey of 506 cities. Jersey City in the only municipality in the state to receive the top rating.

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2017 New Jersey Elections

With all the turmoil and distractions emanating from Washington, D.C., it might have slipped your mind that a major election is upcoming in New Jersey – all the legislative seats are in the Assembly and Senate are up for re-election as is the governor’s office. In addition, there is a very pressing Public Question #1 that deserves everyone’s support in this age of “fake news”. Go to Balletpedia for additional news on the races.

And don’t forget that the Jersey City Council and Mayor’s office are also in contention as well; here is who is running in Jersey City. Ballotpedia also offers a look at this municipal election.

NJ Spotlight has an Elections 2017 site.

To find out where you cast your vote, please come here.

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