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150 Years of Hudson County History

As part of its 150th anniversary, The Jersey Journal issued a special supplement that contained articles and photographs highlighting the past century and a half of this county. Included are the most influential people, major landmarks, and the 25 most significant stories. More than a few of the pieces were co-authored by Patrick Shalhoub, our periodicals and government documents librarian and Carmela Karnoutsos, a retired NJCU history professor. These two are also responsible for the award-winning Jersey City Past and Present site; additional tomes on various New Jersey counties are here and here.

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Jersey City Ranked Among the Best Places for Millennials to Live

Jersey City has placed 23rd in a list of the top 100 best places for millennials to live as formulated by Niche. The methodology employed is here.

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2017 New Jersey School District Spending

The annual Taxpayers Guide to Education Spending has just been released. One can find how school districts spent their education funding, what were the sources of the funding, what is the median teacher salary, and a whole host of other indicators. Here is Jersey City’s profile. If you are interested in just the teacher salary component of these reports, please scroll down to the bottom of this article and utilize the tool found there. Be aware that this feature only highlights teacher salaries; it does not include administrator and support personnel salary figures that are found in the individual school district reports.

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Jersey City Socio-Economic Statistics, 1930 -1985

At this site that contains the fourteen editions of the City and County Data Book, a specialized supplement to the decennial census, you can track the ups and downs of Jersey City through the above years. Did you know that in 1930, Jersey City had a population of 316, 715, far larger than today? The variables change for each edition of the data book so many datasets are not presented over the entire time span of 1930-1985, but so much information is presented that you can get a real feel for what was happening in Jersey City decades ago.

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NJCU’s Mention in Mayor Fulop’s Ward A “State of the City” Address

And we quote:

“Two of the most important projects in the city are actually happening right here in Ward A. First, We are especially excited for the expansion of New Jersey City University’s campus here in Ward A, which will include new residential housing and retail space. This is one of the largest and most transformative projects in the entire city. This expansion will be located on a 21-acre vacant site here in Ward A. As mentioned before, it will include new residential housing, new student housing, retail including a brand new large supermarket for residents on the south side of the city. A project of this magnitude will have an incredible impact, and will bring new opportunities, jobs and activity to this underutilized area.”(10)

Read the whole Ward A address given on March 20, 2017.

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Jersey City #1 in Diversity

According to WalletHub, Jersey City is the most diverse city in the United States with an overall score of 95.88. You can review the methodology and criteria employed.

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Jersey City Makes List of Best Places to Live for Tech Entrepreneurs

Jersey City joins a distinguished list of cities tagged with being the best for IT professionals.

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