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Economic Crisis – March 2015 Update

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EEOC 2013 Employment Statistics for New Jersey

This document is broken down by income, race, and sex; there is also a state aggregate by job classification. These are subsets of a much larger report – Job Patterns for Minorities and Women in State and Local Government.

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An Enumeration of Jobs in New Jersey

Did you know that New Jersey has proportionately more dinkey engine operators than the national average? That registered nurses in New Jersey have an average yearly income of over $77,000? Or that there are only 50 genetic counselors in the state? These occupational data are among the almost 800 specialties profiled in the May 2013 (just released) State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates: New Jersey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Each job title is accompanied by state employment figures, RSEs, local quotients, and hourly/yearly wages (BLS technospeak explained here) with links to national figures for comparative purposes. You can focus in on just one main occupational group or scroll through the bewildering array of jobs located in this state. Other state profiles are available as is the entire national data set; reports back to 1997 are here.

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Economic Crisis – February 2015 Update

Fiscal impetus and the Great Recession (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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Additional News on NJCU’s New Business School

This recent article from provides additional information as well as a rendering of the floor plan for the new school.

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50 Radio Shack Stores Closing in New Jersey

Here is a listing of the NJ stores slated for closure; there are more than 1700 nationwide that will shut. Here is an interactive national map.

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Minimum Wages in the European Union

Most if not all the EU countries have national policies determining this wage benchmark. This table presents the most recent information; unless otherwise stated, the minimum wage level is calculated on a monthly basis. An overview of this topic is provided by the European Parliamentary Research Service.

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