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Major Employers in Hudson County

Listed by town, this list from the Hudson County Economic Development Corporation gives the name, sector, address, main phone number, and number of employees.


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How Public-Private Partnerships Are Working at NJCU

This informative article articulates the underpinings of PPP, and how it will benefit NJCU and its students.

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Jersey City in the Running for Amazon’s HQ2?

It would appear from this news report that Jersey City is among the four municipalities that have advanced in the pursuit of state support for their applications to be the site for Amazon’s second headquarters campus, known now as Amazon HQ2. Here is NJ Spotlight‘s take on New Jersey’s chances; here is a supportive op-ed from the head of the NJ Tech Council.

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Analyses of New Jersey’s Key Industries

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has identified eight industries or “clusters” that have great economic impact on the state. For each sector, the LWD has produced an analysis replete with useful data on both state and national levels. In addition, many useful tools and economic indicators can be found at this site. A great place to start examining the business side of the state.

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List of Additional K-Mart Stores Closing (Two in New Jersey) As Announced on August 24, 2017

The official list can be found here.

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Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution in New Jersey

The TLD (transportation, logistics, and distribution) sector is impacting the state’s economy in a meaningful way according to the New Jersey Bureau of Labor Market Information’s 2017 report – New Jersey’s Transportation, Logistics & Distribution Industry Cluster. Some findings from this document are:

“In 2015, transportation, logistics & distribution employed 370,260 workers in New Jersey. The cluster employed 11.2 percent of the state’s private sector workers. Nationally, TLD accounts for just 8.8 percent of private sector employment.

The annual average New Jersey private sector wage for TLD in 2015 was $73,325. Total wages for the TLD cluster accounted for 13.2 percent of private sector wages statewide.

TLD contributed more than $56.8 billion to the state’s Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP -chained 2009 dollars) in 2015, the fourth highest dollar amount per state nationwide. New Jersey accounted for more than four percent of the nation’s GDP generated from TLD.”(5)

So critical is TLD to New Jersey’s economy that the state’s Employment and Training Commission has identified this sector as one of six sectors key to the future economic and workplace development of this state. And New Jersey Career Connections has a separate page for TLD that includes the various credentialing agencies in this field.

Additional news on this subject can be found at:

NJ Strives to Stay Ahead in Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution (NJ Spotlight); What is ‘TLD,’ and why might it be some NJ kids’ best shot at success in life? (NJ; and NJ becoming the warehouse state, and that means more jobs (Asbury Park Press).

This site offers compelling reasons why New Jersey is an TLD hub.


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Full Text of Study Highlighting Hostile Workplace Environments

My rule of thumb is that whenever you hear about reports, studies, papers, surveys, etc, always try to get your hands on the original copy. Why trust secondhand sources? The title is Working Conditions in the United States: Results of the 2015 American Working Conditions Survey published by the RAND Corporation. Some of the key findings:

  • The clear majority of Americans (eight out of ten) have steady and predictable work throughout the year, but many fewer work the same number of hours on a day-to-day basis (54 percent).
  • Nearly three-fourths of Americans report either intense or repetitive physical exertion on the job at least one-quarter of the time.
  • More than one-half of Americans report exposure to unpleasant and potentially hazardous working conditions.
  • Nearly one in five American workers are exposed to a hostile or threatening social environment at work.
  • Most Americans (two-thirds) frequently work at high speeds or under tight deadlines, and one in four perceives that they have too little time to do their job


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