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Jersey City’s Amazon HQ2 Proposal

Although Jersey City did not make the final cut as one of the cities to house HQ2, you can still read its proposal and find out what the city stated that it would do to accommodate Amazon, and why Amazon should have considered Jersey City.


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Latest Kmart/Sears Stores Closings

The complete list is here; there is one closure in the Garden State, two in the Empire State.

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2018 Fortune 500

There has certainly been a lot of volatility in this year’s listings   reflecting in part the tumultuous roller coaster that is the stock market. Major takeaways are be seen here. There are many filters to this ranking; here are two important ones. Each company on the list has a brief, informative profile.

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What Percentage of the American Workforce Possesses a Nondegree Certificate?

The latest figures from 2016 are outlined in this data point – Degree and nondegree credentials held by labor force participants (issued March 2018). Fully 31% of the labor force has a nondegree certificate.

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What Skillsets Will Future Workers Need?

There are more than a few, according to this piece. But the most important is, as this report states: “Preparing for the future merely requires a commitment to learning [emphasis mine]– one of the most empowering activities a person can engage in. And, with all this change comes great opportunity. So, if you commit to learning and stay ahead of your industry, you’ll put yourself in position to reach your goals – regardless of where you stand now.” Those jobs that are predicted to grow the most will require education and re-training.

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Do You Know What FANG means?

Every once in a while, someone mentions FANG stocks or companies. FANG is an acronym for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google, and it is meant to represent the tech sector. More info can be found here.

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What Does the Future Hold for Jersey City’s Real Estate Market?

Read this report 2018 Emerging Trends in Real Estate from PWC and the Urban Institute to find out. To keep abreast of Jersey City real estate developments (pun intended), please come here.

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