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New York Area Companies’ Historical Annual Reports

Want to read annual reports from Abraham & Strauss from 1926 through 1942; how about late 19th century reports from the Edison Electric Illuminating Company? These and 33 other New York area companies are highlighted in this project from Columbia University –  Columbia Historical Annual Reports. More than 700 reports comprised of 18,000+ pages are made available. You can search by company name or by industrial sector. The 1890 report from Edison Electric provides all sorts of insights into life in New York City at the turn of the century: how many customers, the number of lamps installed, the geographical distribution of the company’s products, revenue, and some comparisons going back to 1884. Presents unique primary source material.

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New Jersey Assembly Bill To Hike Gas Taxes and Reduce Sales Taxes

We guarantee that this bill will have a lot of people talking.

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Employment in the Publishing Industry, 1990-2016

This Bureau of Labor Statistics feature highlights the vast changes that have taken place with the rise of cable and the Internet. In January 1990, there were 455,000 people employed by newspapers, 28,800 involved with Internet publishing/broadcasting, and 50,400 working in cable. In March 2016, the numbers are 183,200 in newspapers, 197,000 in Internet publishing, and 63,800 in cable. Other publishing sectors are also traced over time. Other workforce statistics on the publishing industry (minus the Internet component are here; statistics on Internet publishing are subsumed within “Other Information Services” here.

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Fastest Growing Private Companies in New Jersey

This list is courtesy of Inc. Click on the company name for more information. Previous years can be accessed from this site as well.

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New Jersey’s Fastest Growing High Tech Companies

Deloitte has issued its 2015 North America Fast Winners, a listing of high-performing, fast-growing, disruptive -technology-producing companies; New Jersey has ten on this list, including Jersey City’s own  SPHERE Technology Solutions, coming in at number 131. Please read New Heights for High-Tech Startups from New Jersey Business.

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Harvard Business School Working Papers

“A working paper summarizes original research in a narrow segment of a field of study, and is intended for publication within a period of one to three years.” (Introduction) Hundreds of papers are freely available and can be searched by topic, industry, geographic area, author, and date.

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2016 Forbes Billionaire List Just Released

See who is number one (it shouldn’t be a surprise). Each individual has a brief biography and profile accompanying the listing. There are multiple ways of sorting the list: country, age, industry, etc. This feature also includes real-time ranking as fortunes increase or decrease over the course of the day.

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