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2016 Forbes Billionaire List Just Released

See who is number one (it shouldn’t be a surprise). Each individual has a brief biography and profile accompanying the listing. There are multiple ways of sorting the list: country, age, industry, etc. This feature also includes real-time ranking as fortunes increase or decrease over the course of the day.

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Median Salaries by Occupation and Sex

More than 500 separate occupations are listed in this Census Bureau Table Package and are broken down by sex and median earnings. You’ll find that there are a little over 114,000 full-time librarians working in this country as compared with over 2,000,000 registered nurses.

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Women in the Labor Force: 2015 Databook

This report is replete with statistical and graphical information on the current status of women in the workplace. From educational attainment to job status, this valuable, updated tool provides a plethora of data. Here are World Bank figures on labor force participation by women throughout the world.

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List of Wal-Mart Stores Closing By 1/28/16

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How Much Foreign Investment Is There in American Businesses?

A little over $240 billion in 2014 according to this BEA report. It might surprise you to learn that Ireland was the largest source of foreign investment, and that New Jersey is among the top four states in terms of expenditures by foreign investors. It also may not surprise you to learn that the pharmaceutical industry was the target of much foreign capital.

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Full Text of the Trans Pacific Partnership

In all its thousands of pages, thankfully broken down by chapters. A detailed summary of the United States’ stance is online as well. In addition, you have fact sheets, issue briefs, and outlines. What is TPP is and why it is so important can be found at: The New York Times; The Washington Post; United States Trade Representative; The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP):Negotiations and Issues for Congress (CRS); Council of Foreign Relations; and the European Parliament Think Tank. The Washington Post has released a searchable version of TPP

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How Much Are Professional Football Teams Worth?

For an informative listing and profiles of each team, please visit the Business of Football (from Forbes) where you will also find a list of the wealthiest owners and an enumeration of the highest paid players.

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