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Who Hasn’t Read a Book in the Past Year?

Some interesting demographic data on the 24% of American adults who haven’t opened a book (print or electronic) in the last twelve moths can be accessed here.

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New Jersey 2019 Proposed Budget and NJCU

The full budget request has finally been put online; if you don’t want to wade through this massive volume, there is a “budget in brief” for your perusal. For those interested in seeing how NJCU fares in this newest budget proposal, please go to pages D-324 and D-325.

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Congressional Photos

The 2018 iteration of the Congressional Pictorial Directory “…provides a color photograph of each member of the House of Representatives and the Senate for the 115th Congress. It also includes information about a Member of Congress’ length of service, political party affiliations, and Congressional district. Also contains pictures of the President, Vice President, and House and Senate officers and officials.”

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How Autism Is Treated in Great Britain and the EU

This House of Commons Library Briefing paper – Autism – overview of UK policy and services – provides a concise exploration of what is available for autistic individuals. Laws and legislation are discussed and these legal documents in turn inform the health, education, employment, welfare and benefits sectors and how they deal with this condition.

Autism Europe provides news and information pertaining to this topic throughout the EU; you can access the important Charter for Persons with Autism at this site.

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What Keeps College Presidents Up At Night?

Reading this report – 2018 Survey of College and University Presidents – might give us a clue. Here are some key findings:


• Sixty-nine percent of presidents say President Trump’s rhetoric has made it more difficult to recruit international students to their college.

 • The majority of presidents, 63 percent, remain confident that their institution is financially sustainable over the next five years. Fewer, 53 percent, agree their institution will remain viable over the next 10 years.

 • Presidents believe the business models for elite private colleges, elite private liberal arts colleges and public flagship universities are viable over the next 10 years. They are less likely to think the business model for community colleges is viable, and relatively few think for-profit institutions and other private nonprofit institutions have viable business models.

 • Nearly all presidents believe that additional colleges will merge or close this year, with 30 percent predicting that between one and five colleges will close, 40 percent between 6 and 10, and 29 percent more than 10.

 • Thirteen percent of presidents say they could see their own college closing or merging in the next five years. That is higher than the 9 percent of chief business officers who answered that way in an Inside Higher Ed survey last summer.

 • In terms of enrollment, college presidents are most concerned about enrolling their college’s target number of undergraduates and about enrolling students who are likely to be retained and graduate on time. Private baccalaureate college presidents are especially concerned about meeting enrollment targets. (6)

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Want To Know What Information Facebook and Google Have On You?

In light of the FB debacle, you might want to know what Facebook actually knows about you. To that end, please look at your archives. It is very simple to request the data, and the results might surprise you.

And don’t forget that Google follows you around as well. See what it knows about you.

And also remember that they are not the only sites that record your activities; I will assume every site you visit maintains some kind of record.

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New Jersey Assembly to Consider Six Gun Control Bills Today, March 26, 2018

The six, along with links to their texts, are available here. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

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