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European Parliamentary Research Service

Much like the Congressional Research Service or the UK Parliament Research Briefings, the European Parliamentary Research Service provides unbiased reports, in this case to the European Parliament. The publications range from in-depth analyses and studies to briefings on a wide variety of topics. Recent reports have touched upon higher education in the EU and asylum in the EU. In addition, its graphics warehouse contains a plethora of informative graphs. Another worthwhile source for authoritative information, this time with a European-centric flavor.

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Online Primary Sources for American History: Newspapers

Chronicling America is a site hosted by the Library of Congress where you will find over 6 million newspaper pages from 1836-1933; hundreds of titles are represented. Searching through that many pages can be a daunting experience, but the good folks at LC have come up with a handy search tool – Topics in Chronicling America. Here you will find an alphabetical listing of historical events/people found in the newspapers; each heading provides the same outline: historical timeline, suggested search strategies, and sample articles. For example, Female Spies in World War One starts out with a chronology covering 1915-1922, followed up with suggestions for more searches (gives names of female spies), and ends up with a sampling of newspaper articles covering the aforementioned time period. This is a great way to explore this wealth of primary source documents.

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SAGE Publishers Offering Free Access to All Journals and Many Reference Works During October

During the month of October, free access is available to a multiplicity of SAGE publications; i.e., 750+ journals, 1.3 million articles, hundreds of major reference works.  To register, read this announcement with links at the bottom. We know what we are doing this month!

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Online British Dissertations

The EThOS system from the British Library is a portal to dissertations generated by 129 British institutions. Currently, over 350,000 dissertations are listed here with over 120,000 freely available online.  One must remember that the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database primarily covers United States and Canadian research; to access other work, you need to go to EThOS or Dart-Europe.

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Cybersecurity Policy

With Chinese cyberspying being on the front pages as of this writing, this collection of resources from the Council on Foreign Relations is an very valuable starting point for identifying major organizations and reports dealing with cybersecurity. From data, history, surveys to government publications to universities to think tanks, this heavily-linked site is well worth a visit. It can be used in conjunction with the oft-updated CyberSecurity: Authoritative Reports and Resources.

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Need to Find Facts?

You want to use a reliable source to find facts on autism, Al Sharpton, or the Eiffel Tower? Then try Fast Facts from CNN. These updated briefings contain numerical, narrative, or biographical information on the subject being examined. There are over 900 entries on this site; there isn’t a browse mechanism, so you need to scroll to find subjects of interest. But trust to the rules of serendipity!

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A Guide to Cybersecurity Resources

The CRS has just updated its Cybersecurity: Authoritative Reports and Resources containing a wealth of information from government and private sources. A previous blog entry examines an earlier version of this report in greater detail.

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