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Open Access at MIT Press

The MIT Press has been a pioneer in open access publishing producing its first open access book in 1995. There are now well over one hundred monographs available ranging from Economics in the Age of COVID-19 (2020) to Frankenstein Annotated for Scientists, Engineers, and Creators of All Kinds (2017).

MIT also publishes several open access peer-reviewed journals as well.

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Is There a Substitute for Interlibrary Loan?

With the suspension of interlibrary loan in many areas of the country, are there any other options? Yes, there are. They won’t fully answer the amazing service that is interlibrary loan, but these tips can possibly mitigate the dire predicament we find ourselves in.

For journal articles, these steps might be handy:

1. Look for the title of the article in Google Scholar; you may find a full text version that way.
2. Possibly the Google Scholar search will not produce the article in question, but it may list other articles that have cited the original article and possibly those articles might suffice.
3. Look for the c.v. of the author. Many authors have secured pdf versions of their articles and posted them in their c.v.
4. Register for free at ResearchGate, a portal containing numerous articles from a wide variety of disciplines. Also, provides a similar service.
5. Search through preprint and depository sites.
6.JSTOR has Early Journal Content containing hundreds of journals. JSTOR also has free limited access to 2,000 journals through its register and read page
7. You can contact the author directly and ask for a copy of the article.
8. If it is absolutely necessary, one can always purchase the articles directly from the publisher though this a a very expensive alternative
For books, there are literally millions available online; here is a sampling of sites:

It might also be useful to consult Amazon where many of the books have a “look inside” feature; Google Books also contains a similar accessing point.

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How to Determine a Journal’s Ranking

The CWTS Journal Indicators presents bibliometric data on 20,000 scientific journals scattered among dozens of disciplines. This interactive feature allows a granular analysis of a journal’s impact in a specific sub-field; the methodologies employed are clearly delineated. The differences between the rankings in this tool and the “journal impact factor” are explained.

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Continuously Updated Bibliographies On Terrorism and Related Subjects

Perspectives on Terrorism, a bimonthly publications from the Terrorism Research Initiative, contains a wealth of  material of especial interest to those in the security field. Some examples of what each issue includes are:

Recent Online Resources for the Analysis of Terrorism and Related Subjects – a bimonthly listing of copious, linked sources culled from a wide variety of sites and dealing not just with terrorism but also delving into the areas of cybersecurity and resilience studies;

a guide to open access theses/dissertations on specific topics, such as 475 Academic Theses (Ph.D. and MA) on Countering Violence Extremism (CVE), Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) and Terrorism Prevention;

a recurrent feature highlighting recent books on terrorism, here is the most recent example- Counterterrorism Bookshelf: 12 Books on Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism-Related Subjects;

an ongoing examination of terrorism by region, here is the latest entry – Bibliography: Terrorism by Region—Indian Subcontinent;

multi-part examinations of a specific topic such as Bibliography: Terrorism and the Media (including the Internet) (Part 4);

and topical bibliographies on selected terrorist groups such as Bibliography: Boko Haram .

The bibliographies can be quite long, 40+ pages, and if there are operational links, they are included; in most cases, these bibliographies contain hundreds of active links.

Access to the entire archives is here.




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IEEE Open Access Option

When searching the IEEE digital library, on the advanced search screen, you have the ability to limit your search to “open access”. While not retrieving every document you are searching for because of the reduced availability of references in this mode, the open access option will give you an entree to full text journal articles and conference papers on your topic. Both searches for “cybersecurity” and “drones” garnered hundreds of full text sources. When searching, utilize the “full text and metadata” choice.

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National Academies Press

The NAP is the publishing arm of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Medicine, and the National Academy of Engineering – all are among the most prestigious STEM organizations in the world and as such produces highly regarded monographs, reports, briefings, and consensus documents on a whole host of topics from agriculture to national security. Well over 9,000 volumes are freely available online, sorted into specific topic areas. If one listens to the news, one will inevitably hear about a report issued by the NAP; the latest one to inform the general public dealt with The Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes. One can always look at the latest releases section to see what new reports have been generated; more than 200 are published every year. And you can stay in touch with the NAP via various media platforms as well



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New Edition of Department of Defense Dictionary Published

This new iteration, correctly entitled DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, dated February 2018, incorporates new terms such as “maritime environment”. It also lists those terms that were removed/replaced as well as terms added or modified. For those researching the military sector, this work is especially useful for the specific definitions/contexts of terms one encounters.

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