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Voting on the American Health Care Act Is Live!

Please come here to C-SPAN.

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Racial Disparities in Health Decline But Are Still Significant

The latest “early release” MMWR report from the CDC – Vital Signs: Racial Disparities in Age-Specific Mortality Among Blacks or African Americans — United States, 1999–2015 – shows that “Although the overall life expectancy at birth has increased for both blacks and whites and the gap between these populations has narrowed, disparities in life expectancy and the leading causes of death for blacks compared with whites in the United States remain substantial.” (Abstract) The report presents data and tables buttressing its argument that more needs to be done. Infographics and additional pertinent links are also available.

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U.S. Nurses During World War I

When the United States entered the war in 1917, there were 403 active duty nurses in the Army; by June 1918, there were over 12,000 serving nurses (Highlights in the History of the Army Nurse Corps, 8). They operated at times under horrendous conditions, in many instances assuming the roles of physicians. One such example is found in A History of Base Hospital 32 in which overwhelmed medical officers could not provide the anesthetic work that was necessary, so nurses and orderlies were called in (141).

A fuller history of the Army Nurses Corps is found in volume 13, part 2 of the Medical Department of the United States Army in the World War. Also, please consult Answering the call : the U.S. Army Nurse Corps, 1917-1919 : a commemorative tribute to military nursing in World War I. Contemporary histories, letters, and postcards can be found here including the oft-referenced The training camp for nurses at Vassar College (more on this camp is here as well).

There can be no doubt that nurses were among the bravest of the brave: “…three received the Distinguished Service Cross, the Army’s second highest award; twenty-four were awarded the Distinguished Service Medal; sixty-nine received the British Royal Red Cross; twenty-eight were given the French Croix de Guerre; and two received the British Military Medal.” (Army Nurses of World War One: Service Beyond Expectations)


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2017 New Jersey County Health Rankings

This annual survey employs a multitude of health factors: adult smoking, physical inactivity, access to care, poverty level, and educational attainment among others to ascertain how healthy individual counties are in relationship to state figures as well as national numbers. Every county in the country is profiled and comparisons to previous surveys can also be reviewed.

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Congressional Budget Office’s Report on the Republican Health Care Plan

Its cost estimate on the American Health Care Plan is available online. You can also access the Kaiser Family Foundation’s comparisons of this plan with the ACA and other proposals.

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Compare Plans to Replace The Affordable Care Act

There are several plans extant at the moment; this tool from the Kaiser Family Foundation allows you to see how these plans stack up against the ACA. Here are the talking points that the Republicans are supposed to use at town hall meetings to justify their plans to repeal and replace ACA.

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Text of Report Mentioning the Millions Who Will Lose Coverage If the ACA Is Repealed and Not Replaced

It is a short report, but it is published by the highly regarded, non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.

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