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CRS Reports on COVID-19

I can’t think of a better place to come to review the almost 300 CRS reports that deal with such a wide variety of topics. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is one of the few non-partisan entities that still exist in Washington.

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Watch Live – Dr Fauci Testifying Before the Senate

Dr Fauci and other members of the Coronavirus Task Force are speaking to a the Senate committee this morning about early re-openings and vaccine development. You can watch the hearing live, read an ongoing transcript, or view this session at a later date.

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Governor Murphy’s Plan for Re-Opening New Jersey

This just-announced plan – The Road Back: Restoring Economic Health Through Public Health – is composed of six steps to gradually bring New Jersey back. Here is the press release with additional information, and here is a video of his announcement.

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The New York Times Free Ebook on Coronavirus

Answers to Your Coronavirus Questions, a 162-page ebook from The New York Times, collects some two dozen articles from the newspaper. They range from a timeline of the disease to a glossary of terms. Highly readable and informative.

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The Woman Scientist Who First Discovered Coronavirus

Her name was June Almeida. Information on her can be found at the BBC and the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Read one of her early works on viruses here.

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Triage in New Jersey During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This innocuously entitled document – Allocation of Critical Care Resources During a Public Health Emergency (Adapted from the University of Pittsburgh Model Policy*) – lays out the procedures to be employed to determine a patient’s fitness to utilize scare resources during a public health emergency.

The formation of triage teams, the ethical obligations of such teams, the establishment of a points-based assessment system, an appeals process, and many other factors are detailed in this sobering document. Let us hope it does not have to used.

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Online Primary Sources: COVID-19 Effects on U.S. Finance and Economic Sectors

This timeline from the St Louis Federal Reserve Bank traces the first appearance of COVID-19 as identified by WHO, and the subsequent actions taken in response to this pandemic. Links to multiple sources add to the utility of this site; it is updated as needed.

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