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How Safe Are New Jersey Hospitals?

Come here to find out.


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What We Know About Acute Flaccid Myelitis

Although still rare, the news media have been concentrating on the spread of this disease. This CDC page presents a plethora of data and resources on AFM. Over one hundred medical articles are freely available from PubMed Central; included are literature reviews and surveillance studies.

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Where To Find Full Text Systematic Reviews

A great place to start is PubMed Central, a free database containing over five million articles in medicine and life sciences. Among these numerous articles is a sub-group devoted to systematic reviews. A very simple search garners almost 467,000 full text articles for this topic; using the advanced search allows for more fine-tuning of results. (Here is an example of “systematic review” and “autism”.)

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Walk, Don’t Run, Just Walk

Walking can be done anywhere, requires no expensive gear, can be done by yourself or with others, and you don’t have to pay membership fees. It is the best method for keeping yourself healthy. If you don’t believe that, peruse this special issue of the prestigious British Medical Journal. Although most of the contents are behind paywalls, the two original studies (here and here) are freely available. The conclusion of the first article says it all: “Walking is known to benefit health. Assuming causal relationships, these analyses suggest that increasing walking pace could be linked with lower risk for all-cause and CVD [cardio-vascular disease] mortality.”

A quick review of “walking” and “heath benefits” in PubMed Central garners over 8,000 full text articles, an indication of the validity of walking as a healthy activity. Strap on your sneakers and get moving!

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2018 KIDS COUNT Data Book Now Available

This annual publication, utilizing government and non-government sources, gauges the well-being of this country’s children. As with previous iterations, there is slow progress in improving the various conditions in which children exist, whether it is the education sector, the health sector, or other socio-economic indicators. Of troubling concern to this authors of this work is the risk of undercounting during the 2020 census:

“The nation is at high risk of another sizable undercount of young children. Congress has underfunded the Census Bureau for the last six years, which has caused delays….”(12) In addition, the Bureau cancelled field tests in areas without good internet access and as the 2020 census will be done primarily online, the process will jeopardize an accurate count in communities of color where internet access is slow/limited. This coupled with the addition of a citizenship questions may further imperil a correct count.

Data is also available for individual states; here is New Jersey.


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Health Statistics for America’s Largest 500 Cities

Emanating from NYU, the City Health Dashboard utilizes 36 key metrics in determining the health factors of a municipality. You can drill down these data to the census tract level in each city. Jersey City’s profile is replete with figures revealing the health and social indicators at the neighborhood level. You can also compare across cities as well as across metrics. There is much valuable information here; this is a source worth exploring.

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Jersey City Ranked Among America’s Fittest Cities

Employing multiple criteria such as “built environment” and “health behaviors”, the ACSM American Fitness Index has been released; Jersey City comes in at 69. The interactive index allows you to compare the top 100 cities.

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