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Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables

This comprehensive report, along with references and methodologies, from the Environmental Working Group, takes a look at what vegetables/fruits contain toxic chemicals. According to their work “Nearly 70 percent of the produce sold in the U.S. comes with pesticide residues….The most surprising news from the USDA tests reveals that the popular health food kale is among the most contaminated fruits and vegetables. More than 92 percent of kale samples had two or more pesticide residues detected, and a single sample could contain up to 18 different residues.” Read the report to find how other produce rank in this sobering evaluation.


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County by County Health Rankings in the United States

Utilizing a vast array of metrics from diverse sources, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin have compiled a health profile for every county in the country; the data can be selected at either the state or county level. Here is the New Jersey report; Hudson County’s figures are here. The report’s key findings are also available. You also have the ability to compare counties.

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Online Primary Sources for American History: The Writings of Clara Barton

Clara Barton is an American hero; her list of accomplishments is awe-inspiring. For those who want to capture her thoughts and deeds, the Clara Barton Papers housed at the Library of Congress give us a peek into her world. Diaries, correspondence, speeches, and reports populate this vast collection of 62,000 items. A timeline and a directory of additional resources are supplied.

One should also visit the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office Museum for more primary and secondary source material. And while you are at it, take a tour of her Maryland home.

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Vaccines Are Safe

That is the pronouncement from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Anti-vaxxers are doing an incredible of amount of harm by spreading misinformation. This in light of numerous studies debunking their claims, such as this recent major report – Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism: A Nationwide Cohort Study , Annals of Internal Medicine (March 5, 2019). We in New Jersey and New York have seen what unvaccinated children undergo when a disease like measles takes hold. A refresher on the history of this disease should show how efficacious vaccines are in combatting the deadliness of this illness.

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How Safe Are New Jersey Hospitals?

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What We Know About Acute Flaccid Myelitis

Although still rare, the news media have been concentrating on the spread of this disease. This CDC page presents a plethora of data and resources on AFM. Over one hundred medical articles are freely available from PubMed Central; included are literature reviews and surveillance studies.

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Where To Find Full Text Systematic Reviews

A great place to start is PubMed Central, a free database containing over five million articles in medicine and life sciences. Among these numerous articles is a sub-group devoted to systematic reviews. A very simple search garners almost 467,000 full text articles for this topic; using the advanced search allows for more fine-tuning of results. (Here is an example of “systematic review” and “autism”.)

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