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Health Statistics for America’s Largest 500 Cities

Emanating from NYU, the City Health Dashboard utilizes 36 key metrics in determining the health factors of a municipality. You can drill down these data to the census tract level in each city. Jersey City’s profile is replete with figures revealing the health and social indicators at the neighborhood level. You can also compare across cities as well as across metrics. There is much valuable information here; this is a source worth exploring.


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Jersey City Ranked Among America’s Fittest Cities

Employing multiple criteria such as “built environment” and “health behaviors”, the ACSM American Fitness Index has been released; Jersey City comes in at 69. The interactive index allows you to compare the top 100 cities.

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These Five Factors Could Extend Your Life by Years

In a massive longitudinal study, researchers have found that following five basic precepts can extend a person’s life. The five activities are: never smoking, having a healthy body-mass index,  moderate to vigorous exercising, eating healthy foods, and not drinking too much. All commonsense solutions that have been bandied about for years, but this study shows that a person can increase their lifespan by more than a decade. It ain’t too late to start!

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Looks Like Eating Pasta Is Healthy For You

Worried about weight gain while indulging in one of your favorite foods? You may not have to fret about that at all if you go along with the conclusions contained in this article – Effect of pasta in the context of low-glycaemic index dietary patterns on body weight and markers of adiposity: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials in adults.  Finisci di mangiare!

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How Autism Is Treated in Great Britain and the EU

This House of Commons Library Briefing paper – Autism – overview of UK policy and services – provides a concise exploration of what is available for autistic individuals. Laws and legislation are discussed and these legal documents in turn inform the health, education, employment, welfare and benefits sectors and how they deal with this condition.

Autism Europe provides news and information pertaining to this topic throughout the EU; you can access the important Charter for Persons with Autism at this site.

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2018 Hudson County Health Rankings

Find out in this 2018 edition just where Hudson County ranks as far as health indicators are concerned. Also, every other county’s health statistics are also available here along with state rankings. It is recommended that the key findings report be perused.

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“Gun Violence Research” Archives from the “American Journal of Public Health” Now Freely Available

This extensive selection of articles, editorial, and additional important links has been opened by The American Journal of Public Health. The writings make for a sobering read and are a very valuable contribution to the current conversation.

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