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2017 Best High Schools in New Jersey and Elsewhere

The 2017 high school survey from US News & World Report has just been issued; you’ll find Jersey City’s results here. More than 28,000 high schools were examined for this annual iteration.

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Update on Hudson County Construction Projects

Jersey City is not the only municipality in Hudson County witnessing a building boom. Every other town appears to be in the midst of rising towers of condos or rentals. This article from the Hudson Reporter provides a detailed and informative review of what is happening. It is the best summation of county-wide construction activities I have seen; it is very readable considering the amount of information offered. Another article from this same paper provides an overview of all the advances the county has made in attracting businesses.

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The Spectre of Famine

Famine, the “extreme and general scarcity of food, as in a country or a large geographical area”, has appeared in four conflicted countries – Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen. This is an unprecedented occurrence; such large-scale simultaneous scarcities of food have never before been recorded in so many countries. All four countries face both internal and external military pressures. The International Crisis Group is publishing Instruments of Pain, a four-part series devoted to the above countries and their travails. Additional sites of relevance include: Millions across Africa, Yemen could be at risk of death from starvation – UN agency (UN News Centre); Famine and Food Crises (UNICEF); Drought and War Heighten Threat of Not Just 1 Famine, but 4(The New York Times); and Famine Early Warning Systems Network.

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March for Science – Live Updates

Global updates can be found here; C-SPAN is also covering this. A listing of the 600+ satellite sites in also online.

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U.S. Nurses During World War I

When the United States entered the war in 1917, there were 403 active duty nurses in the Army; by June 1918, there were over 12,000 serving nurses (Highlights in the History of the Army Nurse Corps, 8). They operated at times under horrendous conditions, in many instances assuming the roles of physicians. One such example is found in A History of Base Hospital 32 in which overwhelmed medical officers could not provide the anesthetic work that was necessary, so nurses and orderlies were called in (141).

A fuller history of the Army Nurses Corps is found in volume 13, part 2 of the Medical Department of the United States Army in the World War. Also, please consult Answering the call : the U.S. Army Nurse Corps, 1917-1919 : a commemorative tribute to military nursing in World War I. Contemporary histories, letters, and postcards can be found here including the oft-referenced The training camp for nurses at Vassar College (more on this camp is here as well).

There can be no doubt that nurses were among the bravest of the brave: “…three received the Distinguished Service Cross, the Army’s second highest award; twenty-four were awarded the Distinguished Service Medal; sixty-nine received the British Royal Red Cross; twenty-eight were given the French Croix de Guerre; and two received the British Military Medal.” (Army Nurses of World War One: Service Beyond Expectations)


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Happy Earth Day from New Jersey!

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2017 New Jersey School District Spending

The annual Taxpayers Guide to Education Spending has just been released. One can find how school districts spent their education funding, what were the sources of the funding, what is the median teacher salary, and a whole host of other indicators. Here is Jersey City’s profile. If you are interested in just the teacher salary component of these reports, please scroll down to the bottom of this article and utilize the tool found there. Be aware that this feature only highlights teacher salaries; it does not include administrator and support personnel salary figures that are found in the individual school district reports.

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