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Online Primary Sources: V-E Day

Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945, seventy-five years ago. Some photographs can be perused; watch/listen to President Truman announce the surrender; Winston Churchill, Great Britain’s Prime Minister, delivered an iconic speech; read newspaper accounts; examine the Act of Surrender ; and listen to BBC reports from around Europe on that fateful day.

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2019 Year in Pictures

The editors at The New York Times sifted through 5.6 million images to present these that they consider the best of the best; They range from the heartbreak of Yemen to a Siberian ice marathon. Here are last year’s chosen ones.

Other sites have also displayed their picks for the best pictures: CNN, People, USA Today, The Atlantic, and Reuters.

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Photos of NJCU 2019 Commencement

There are more than 100, courtesy of

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Vintage Photos of New York City in Snowstorms

As we look forward to spring, here is what NYC used to look like during fierce snowstorms; another collection is here. And more can be found in the New York Public Library’s Digital Collections.

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Online Primary Sources for American History: W.E.B. Du Bois and the 1900 Paris Exposition

“The Paris Exposition of 1900 included a display devoted to the history and “present conditions” of African Americans. W.E.B. Du Bois and special agent Thomas J. Calloway spearheaded the planning, collection and installation of the exhibit materials, which included 500 photographs.” (About)

Primary and secondary sources are available about this event in which Du Bois played such a pivotal role; included here are his writings on the exhibit. He wished to show the progress that African Americans had made since the Civil War, but also make people aware of the roadblocks put in their way by Jim Crow.

The photos can be accessed here along with Du Bois’ remarkable infographics showing the statistical profile of African Americans over the decades. Here is one showing the growth in population from 175 to 1890; there are seventy more of these documents. (Found on pages 1 and 2 of this site.)

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Photos of the World’s Most Stunning Libraries

How many have you visited?

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Photos/Newsreels of World War I

As newer technologies are introduced, so too does the expansive documentation of history continue. Photography was by no means a recent invention in the early twentieth century, but its extensive use allows us a century later to view the resulting devastation of The Great War. There are numerous pictorial assemblages available for viewing. Among the most interesting are those from the Library of Congress’ Panoramic Photographs Collection containing many scenes from French battlefields as well as stateside military camps, including Camp Merritt located in Bergen County, N.J. (A memorial now marks this camp.)

Moving pictures were in their infancy during World War 1, but enough films were preserved and digitized to allow them to act as witnesses as well. This film – Scenes in the Meuse-Argonne Section, September 26 to November 11, 1918 – is one of a series that the U.S. National Archives has produced. In addition, the National Archives also acts as the repository for numerous newsreels from commercial vendors; take a look at the hundreds of newsreels from Fox-Movietone. And don’t forget the treasure trove from British Pathe – WWI- The Definitive Collection, and the European Film Gateway provides portals into little-known collections of great import.

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