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Dozens of Photos of New Jersey Blizzard

Almost 100 photos from around the state are found here, courtesy of

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Congressional Pictorial Guide 2015

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Photos of Greenville Walking Tour Led by NJCU Librarian Patrick Shalhoub

The Library’s Patrick Shalhoub conducted a tour of historic buildings in the Greenville section of Jersey City on Sunday. Patrick is an accomplished local historian so we know the tour was both informative and fun. Here are some photos of the tour.

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Photos of Al Roker Speaking at NJCU

Here are some photographs of Mr Roker when he visited our campus.

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Photos of Jersey City’s Parks Over Time

More than 60 photos, courtesy of The Jersey Journal, are online for your perusal.

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Photos of Pluto

For those of us space geeks, the New Horizons flyby of Pluto is awesome! Pictures should start coming in today.

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Interview with NJCU Athletic Director Alice De Fazio

Here is a recent interview¬†with her discussing, inter alia, the expansion of the sports program, the Athletic Academic Retention Program, and the need for more female role models in sports. Photos accompany the article. NJCU’s¬†profile in the Equity in Athletics database is available.

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