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Photos of 2018 NJCU Graduation

Well over one hundred photos are available for your perusal, courtesy of The Jersey Journal.


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Congressional Photos

The 2018 iteration of the Congressional Pictorial Directory “…provides a color photograph of each member of the House of Representatives and the Senate for the 115th Congress. It also includes information about a Member of Congress’ length of service, political party affiliations, and Congressional district. Also contains pictures of the President, Vice President, and House and Senate officers and officials.”

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News Coverage of the “March for Our Lives” Rallies

These videos of the Washington, D.C. rally are presented coutesy of C-SPAN; photos from other rallies can be see here. And here are more than 150 newspaper front pages covering this event.

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Local Photos of January 4, 2018 Snowstorm

The more than one hundred photos come courtesy of the Jersey Journal.

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Photos of Science Fiction Conventions

Before there was ComicCon, there were cons (science fiction conventions) dating back to the 1930s. Cosplay? That, too, appeared at science fiction conventions. Panels? Yep, sf cons as well. A goldmine of searchable photos, almost 6000 in total, from science fiction conventions from the 1960s and 1970s are now available. A great way to visually document the fanbase of sf as well as its authors.

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Photos of New Jersey from Back in the Day

Please look at this “Vintage Photos” site from the Star Ledger; some of the photos in these topically-themed collections date back to the 19th century.

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“This Month in New Jersey History”

Sponsored by the Star Ledger, this monthly photo gallery highlights events and people that impacted New Jersey and, at times, the world.

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