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Climate Change Seen as National Security Threat

This July 23, 2015 report from the DoD – National Security Implications of Climate-Related Risks and a Changing Climate – was issued in response to a Congressional inquiry on how global warming would affect combat readiness and what risk mitigations are necessary. (This request was embedded in the DoD appropriations bill, Senate Report 113-211) As this very recent report points out: “Global climate change will have wide-ranging implications for U.S. national security interests over the foreseeable future because it will aggravate existing problems—such as poverty, social tensions, environmental degradation, ineffectual leadership, and weak political institutions—that threaten domestic stability in a number of countries.”(3)


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Pope Francis’ Papal Encyclical on Climate Change in English

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Climate Data for New Jersey Since 1895

Climate at a Glance from NOAA allows searching across several different data points for climatological factors dating back to 1895 for U.S. states, the nation as a whole, and for global territories. One can see how temperatures have fluctuated over time; each year’s result is available along with its ranking relative to other years’ recordings back to 1895. Highly instructive and a well-spring of data.

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Global Warming Not Slowing Down

Contrary to various reports detailing a “hiatus” in global warming, this article in SciencePossible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus – states that global warming continues.

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NASA on Climate Change

This site provides a plethora of data concerning the reality of climate change. Included here are facts, statements from major scientific organizations, causes and effects, graphs and charts.

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Federal Government’s Reaction to Climate Change

Various federal agencies are in some phases of adapting for climate change scenarios. This report – Climate Change Adaptation by Federal Agencies: An Analysis of Plans and Issues for Congress – gives an overview of what has transpired and what is planned for some agencies. (The author’s impressive biography is here.) Hundreds of references and a dozen charts add to the utility of this report. Also consult the GAO 2015 “high risk” report Limiting the Federal Government’s Fiscal Exposure by Better Managing Climate Change Risks.

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As Far As Climate Change Goes, What Happens in New York City Will Affect Jersey City As Well

The New York City Panel on Climate Change has just issued its 2015 report; the predictions are less than rosy. It states “Climate risks in the New York metropolitan region are increasing and are projected to continue to increase throughout the 21st century. Higher temperatures, heavy downpours, sea level rise, and intensified coastal flooding are the major climate hazards projected for the region.” (107) Here is its 2010 report.

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