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What Books Do Highly Ranked Military Officers Read?

Please look at this list from the new book, The Leader’s Bookshelf. You might be surprised to find Isaac Asimov (it certainly has been his week in this blog) is listed as well as Patrick O’Brian (Among my all-time favorite authors. He wrote like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens and those are both authors of whom I just can’t get enough.) P.S. I have read 30 of the 50.


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ABC Books

Books developed to allow children to learn their alphabet have existed for years. This site from Princeton –  ABC Books – reproduces fifty-four of these primers, ranging from 1805 to 1987. “Far from simply ‘A is for Apple,’ these rare texts cover a diverse scope of subject matters and approaches such as a ‘fisherman’s’ alphabet from 1823 or a sign-language alphabet from 1974.” Of interest to many disciplines.

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National Academies Press Guide to President Trump’s Speech

The National Academies Press has issued its guide to President Trump’s recent speech to Congress; it presents his address along with links to relevant NAP volumes. This gives you a good idea of the scope and depth of the Press; almost 9000 volumes are freely available. And while technically, his appearance was not a State of the Union event, this FAQ from CRS is still relevant.

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What Books Meant to President Obama

If you want to read the transcript of the interview President Obama had with The New York Times, it is here

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Here Is Why Books Matter

The Need to Read. The article title alone says it all. Read it in light of the recent Pew report – Book Reading 2016.

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Some Bookish News

If you haven’t looked at the various blogs authored by the British Library, for shame! The BL is among the world’s largest libraries and it contains numerous treasures; its digital manuscripts collections are marvelous and are highlighted in the blogs.

Did you know that the book industry here is controlled by five mega-publishers? This infograph shows who owns whom.

The Association of American Publishers newsroom has valuable book trade statistics and industry-related news.

Did you know that the federal government is among the world’s largest publishers? And that much of what it publishes, including books, are now online? Come here to find out what is available.

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Paper Books Still Rule!

At least according to this recent Pew survey: “Fully 65% of Americans have read a print book in the last year, more than double the share that has read an e-book (28%) and more than four times the share that has consumed book content via audio book (14%).” (2) The report goes on to detail how dedicated e-readers are falling out of favor, and that people are reading materials off their phones or tablets. Many graphs supplement this report; the questionnaire utilized is also included.


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