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Historic Geological Treatises

The Oxford Digital Library hosts Key 17th, 18th to 19th century geological literature containing dozens of tomes pertaining to the geology of England; one can search by title, subject, or name. Hundreds of additional volumes on a wide variety of geological topics can be found at the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

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“History as a Book Discipline”

This is the theme of the April 2015 of Perspectives in History. Among other items four historians discuss: is digital publishing making books obsolete, and the difference between a book and a dissertation. Well worth the read. Some articles (here and here) by Robert Darnton are also recommended.

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Thousands of Early English Works Freely Available Online

For anyone interested in the history of the book, book production, book illustration, or how works were written back in the day, then the Early English Books Online site is for you. More than 25,000 titles printed in England between 1473 and 1700 are currently available; another 40,000+ will be added over the next few years. Each entry has complete bibliographical information along with a transcription of the work.(N.B. When using this site, please limit yourself to the “Early English Books Online” option listed under “Collections” at the bottom of the search page.) Peruse three different 17th century versions of Machiavelli’s The Prince; read dozens of petitions, letters, and articles by the Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell; consult a 1687 version of Isaac Newton’s Principia; or look at various iterations of Geoffrey (or Jeffrey or Geffray) Chaucer’s works from 1477 to 1687 and watch as the language changes over the centuries. A marvelous resource for many disciplines.

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Two Recent Ebooks of Interest

Both Open Access and the Humanities: Contexts, Controversies and the Future from Cambridge and Ebooks in Education:  realizing the vision from Ubiquity Press insights into this new model of data dissemination.

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New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2014

They are divided into fiction and poetry, and non-fiction. Each title is linked to the book review as it appeared in the paper.

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Amazon’s Best Books of 2014

Just released, Amazon presents multiple lists of best books. Not only is there a “best book” list as selected by Amazon’s editors, but there are more than 20 categories of ‘best books” to peruse from art to teen/young adult; you also have access to previous compilations back to 2004. In addition, there are links to its book blog Omnivoracious and its author interview section. A lotta readin’ to do!

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Online Art History Books

The Getty Research Portal allows access to almost 40,000 volumes of digitized art history texts from some of the world’s great research institutions. You can filter your results in any number of ways: type, name, place, or contributor (i.e., library). See how many books are here by James Rorimer, one of the most influential “Monuments Men“.

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