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Welcome to the 2012/2013 Academic Year!

We at the Library extend best wishes and felicitations to both new and returning students. Please remember that we are here to help you, no matter what your information needs. The regular hours for the Library look like this: Monday-Thursday  7:30am – 10pm; Friday 7:30am – 5pm; Saturday 9am – 5pm; Sunday 11am – 5pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 The Library will be closed from Saturday, 9/1 through Monday 9/3, and  Thursday 11/22,  Saturday 11/24 – Sunday 11/25; we’ll have extended hours for exams on Monday 12/17 through Thursday 12/20 staying open until 11pm.  A more detailed calendar is here.

 Here are some handy NJCU sites for you. When you need to contact a department or faculty member, use the university’s online campus directories. To purchase textbooks for your courses and to see if there are used cheaper copies or a rental option, access the bookstore. If you need to consult master course lists or catalogs, you may come to the Library or peruse the latest versions here. And let us not forget the Office of Campus Life. Since parking is at such a premiun around here, familiarize yourself with the parking rules and regulations. For those taking mass transportation, check this NJ Transit site. Cafeteria hours, menus, specials, etc are available at this Gourment Dining site. All students should read the NJCU Student Handbook – the Gothic Guide(2010 draft)  – and be familiar with NJCU’s Academic Integrity Policy, Copyright Policy and Related Guidelines, and its Responsible Use of Computing Resources; other student policies should also be consulted. Also, please peruse the award-winning Gothic Magazine, read The Gothic Times (your student newspaper) and keep up with the Gothic Knights sports teams at this official and informative site. Learn about NJCU through this informative historical timeline and visit the accolade-laden Jersey City Past and Present. Make the most of your time here.

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2012 New Jersey Labor Day Weekend Events

A listing of New Jersey parades, fireworks, and other actvities can be found here. “Family fun” celebrations are here; some South Jersey and Shore events are here. This New York Times article has listings for NY City, upstate New York as well as Long Island and New Jersey.

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Governor Christie’s Keynote Address at the 2012 Republican National Convention

For those who did not stay up, here is a video of his speech from C-SPAN which is also providing gavel-to-gavel coverage of this convention. A transcript of the speech is also online; a YouTube round-up of commentaries is available as well.

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Chronicle of Higher Education – Faculty Salary Survey

Find out what is the median salary that  professors make at 1251 higher education institutions, including NJCU. It includes a brief faculty profile and a section entitled “salaries over time.”

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The Good Life of the Rich

We recently wrote about the Pew report on the middle class; it has now issued a survey dealing with the upper class entitled Yes, the Rich are Different. The report states that: “… a majority of the public (65%) thinks the nation’s income gap between rich and poor has grown in the past decade—and most say that’s a bad thing for the country.”(1) Yet an overwhelming majority of respondents admire people who get rich by working hard.(1) Numerous charts detail the differences in lifestyle satisfaction among those surveyed and who identified themselves with the various “class” designations offered: upper, upper-middle, middle. lower-middle, or lower. Upper class people tend to be healthier and happier (10), have been spared much of the travails of the Great Recession (11), and greatly favor the Repiblican Party(13). Overall, Americans think the rich are smart and hardworking but also greedy and undertaxed.

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Diabetes Statistics for the United States and New Jersey

The CDC has just released its 2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet that shows the growing prevalence of this disease in the country. Almost two million new cases among persons aged twenty or older were diagnosed in 2010, bringing the total adult population affected to almost twenty-six million people. The prevalence of diabetes in New Jersey counties as well as state-level statistics on such topics as risk factors and preventive care are also available. Similar figures are available for the other states as well. Additional links on diabetes are found here.

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The Disappearing Middle Class

According to this Pew Research Research Center report – The Lost Decade of the Middle Class– “Since 2000, the middle class has shrunk in size, fallen backward in income and wealth, and shed some—but by no means all—of its characteristic faith in the future.”(1) In 140 pages, this document explores the vagaries of the last decade that have resulted in the shrinking of this group from 61% of all adults in 1971 to its present 51%; in addition, the middle class proportion of the national household income has slipped from 62% to 45% over the same timeframe.(2) There are separate chapters on demographics, economics, mobility, and politics; interspersed are informative sidebars detailing answers to the survey’s questions, such as who is better for the middle class, Obama or Romney  (3) or views of the Republican party (53). Numerous charts are scattered throughout this document as well, graphically illustrating the erosion of the middle class across so many indicators. In referencing the Great Recession, the report states that it rolled back lower and middle class household net worth by two decades.(83) This report is guaranteed to generate comment and analysis for some time. As far as defining “middle class,” it appears, as always, that there is no true definition of the term; p.1-2 contain the Pew interpretation of this term, while p.8 contains self-reported definitions from the respondents. This CRS report succinctly summarizes the dilemma – Who is the “Middle Class”?; another report is available courtesy of The White House created the Middle Class Task Force headed by VP Joe Biden; its reports are here. This article, Middle Class in America, is worth a look as well.

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