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112th Congress – New Member Pictorial Directory

Supplementing a previous blog entry that gave new member biographies, this official pictorial directory does what it says.


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WikiLeaks Releases Thousands of Secret U.S. Government Cables

Over the next few months, WikiLeaks will be publishing well over 200,000 secret diplomatic cables between U.S. embassies and the State Department that were generated between 1966 and 2010. They are seachable via country of origin, creation date, tags, and classification type. More information can be found at: New York Times, Spiegel, and the Guardian. These documents give the reader an unprecedented look into the operations of the  U.S. foreign service. For those of you gentle readers who are not familiar with the apparently confusing jargon and acronyms of diplomatic cables, this guide will come in handy.

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Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

Is here, establishing what we now celebrate. Historical  Thanksgiving Day addresses, sermons , and more sermons can also be read. For a history of the day, please go to this Smithsonian site. A previous entry has much more information.

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City Crime Rankings

Much press has been devoted to the newest release from CQ Press – City Crime Rankings 2010-2011. For those interested, the city rankings are available here. Read the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s reaction as well as this cautionary note from the FBI whose Crime in the United States is the basis for CQ’s report. News coverage is found courtesy of: Reuters, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Star-Ledger, and the Albany Times Union.

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Governor Christie’s Remarks at the Republican Governors Association Conference

Governor Christie’s almost 10-minute speech is available at the 38:40 mark.

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Library Hours for the 2010 Thanksgiving Holiday

Quite frankly, there are none. We will close at 9:45pm, Wednesday, November 24 and will re-open Monday, November 29 at 7:30am.

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62% of NJ Graduating College Seniors are in Debt

According to Student Debt and the Class of 2009, a graduating senior in this state is saddled with an average of $22,731 in debt. The gap between public and private institutions is minimal: $22,383 vs $24,138. (The breakdown by states in here.) High debt colleges and low debt colleges are listed on pp.6-7 while high debt and low debt states are on p.2; New Jersey is ranked 19th overall.

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