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New Jersey Colleges Take Financial Hits in FY 2016 State Budget

NJCU, as well as our sister institutions, all face reduced support from the State. On page D-290 of the FY 2016 budget, the monies allocated to each state four-year institution are enumerated: NJCU adjusted state support for FY 2015 was $26,056,000; we requested $28,963,000 for FY 2016; and have been recommended to receive $23,598,000. We are not alone in our plight.

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2015 New Jersey July 4th Celebrations

Because of when the 4th falls this year, not every community is celebrating on the day, so please peruse the following lists closely: Hudson County; Union County; Bergen, Essex, and Passaic counties (part of a state-wide guide courtesy of NJ101.5); southern New Jersey (by county); southern New Jersey (by municipality); and another state-wide guide, this arranged by region.

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The Battle of Waterloo as Seen Through “The London Gazette”

The official publication of record, The [London] Gazette published several issues dealing with this critical battle. You can also search the thousands of issues of this publication for additional information on a wide variety of historical topics.

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Online Primary Sources for American History: Additional Sources for the War of 1812

Document transcriptions of the War of 1812 in the Northwest is a ten-volume series (of which eight are online) consisting of various primary sources culled from a wide variety of sources dealing with the Northwest. They range from the letters of William Henry Harrison to battles on Lake Erie. This 1815 work The history of the war, between the United States and Great-Britain, which commenced in June, 1812, and closed in Feb. 1815 : … compiled chiefly from public documents : with an appendix, containing the correspondence which passed … in treating for peace : to which is added, the treaty of peace, and a list of vessels taken from G. Britain during the war must be one of the first attempts at collecting relevant official texts that cover this conflict. This is followed by an 1817 compilation –   Collection of the official accounts, in detail, of all the battles fought by sea and land, between the navy and army of the United States and the navy and army of Great Britain, during the years 1812, 13, 14, & 15.

The two-volume work – Notices of the War of 1812 (1840) has appendices containing dozens of valuable letters written by the participants at the time.

And lest we forget – here is the Treaty of Ghent that ended this conflict.

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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of the Affordable Care Act

“Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them. If at all possible, we must interpret the Act in a way that is consistent with the former, and avoids the latter.” So ends the opinion of the Supreme Court in King v Burwell; Justice Scalia and two dissenting justices have offered their own interpretation in this document as well. In essence the health subsidies remain intact. SCOTUSblog, as it has done with past cases, provides great coverage of this case. Key points of the decision are examined here in The New York Times.

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Health Care Payments by State Workers Are To Be Significantly Reduced July 1, 2015

According to this article from The Bergen Record, clauses in contracts for many state workers that included payment of a percentage of salary for insurance premiums will “sunset” in favor of the 1.5% of salary contribution previously utilized, saving some workers thousands of dollars. Here is an editorial from the Herald News on this topic.

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Interview with NJCU Athletic Director Alice De Fazio

Here is a recent interview with her discussing, inter alia, the expansion of the sports program, the Athletic Academic Retention Program, and the need for more female role models in sports. Photos accompany the article. NJCU’s profile in the Equity in Athletics database is available.

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