Artist Interviews from the Tate Museum

Audio Arts was an innovative audio-cassette magazine first published in 1972; it contained interviews with artists, critics, and other luminaries from the arts. The Tate Museum has preserved and made these interviews, over 1600 of them, available online. Listen to Christo, James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, and Paul McCarthy, among others.

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Online Primary Sources: Thousands of Historical Videos

British Pathe was a media company founded in the 1890s, and over the course of the next eighty years it produced thousands of hours of newsreels; its collection of World War I and World War II videos are exceptional. All of these hours, divided into almost 90,000 film clips, are freely available on YouTube. Watch an interview with Laurel and Hardy, listen to Titanic survivors, see Queen Victoria, and storm the beaches on D-Day. These same films can also be accessed at the company’s site where retrieval is expedited by more in-depth subject headings and other guides. A must for those interested in twentieth-century history.

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The Life and Times of Lord Byron

An influential and controversial poet, Lord Byron is considered one the great Romantic writers. Lord Byron and His Times is a wonderfully dense collection of material on Byron and his contemporaries. Included are his memoirs, memoirs by his contemporaries, hundreds of letters, criticism and commentary, and document collections arranged by topic. This latter section is especially valuable for the introductory overviews that are provided. The various parts of this site have active links so you can identify the persons and writings referenced. The multiple layers embedded in this presentation are entrancing and informative. A great way to be introduced to this world.

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“Libraries are dying? Think again”

For those of us who believe in the power of libraries, this report from CNN validates our viewpoint.

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Hispanic Americans in Congress

This site – Hispanic Americans in Congress, 1822-2012 –  details the long years that Hispanic Americans have been serving in Congress. The site contains biographies of all members, featured historical highlights, chronological historical essays with numerous links, relevant historical data, and a useful glossary. An almost 800-page book of the same name is also available. A treasure trove of information!

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2014 Pulitzer Prize Winners

For prize winners, their citations and biographies, other nominees, past winners, and additional links, please come here.

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Encyclopedia of the Great Plains

Comprised of over 900,000 square miles stretching from the Missouri River to the Rocky Mountains, crossed by migrant wagon trains, scoured by the Dust Bowl, a witness to the extirpation of the Native American, site of the building of the transcontinental railroad, a background for Natty Bumppo in The Prairie, the Great Plains has played a large role in the development of this country. The Encyclopedia of the Great Plains is a vast compendium of over 1300 articles written by 1000 scholars, supervised by editor David J Wishart. The work is broken into broad subject areas from African-Americans to Water; within each group are arranged numerous articles, many with suggestions for further reading. An excellent introduction to such a varied area.

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